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Thai Loss of Face


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On 7/10/2021 at 2:58 AM, colinneil said:

Loss of face, its crazy how Thais will do/ say anything rather than lose face, i have said before a Thai would probably commit murder rather than lose face.

My wife is a school director, many times we have people, teachers etc visiting for various reasons, now before she opens the gate to let them in she says to me.... You speak nice, make them happy.

Well as many folk know i speak straight, no BS, just plain speaking, one time a relative of my wife was here asking what did i think about her new dress, well me being me told her, she did not look good in it.... Holy hell, wife went nuts with me, what i do wrong? You not speak nice, never do that again.

Well you did say that your wife looked like shit basically, and you disrespected her in front of her family.

Don't think that's a Thai thing to get angry over that.

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I think face, well as most Thais use it, is horseshit and mostly used to keep the caste system them have in place.


Just think of all the things your Thai wife or child don't know because of "face". Because they shouldn't question a teacher, doctor, etc.....

I've pushed my wife to forgo any of the face BS and it has served her well in her business.

Just be a good person with good manners and show people respect who show you respect.............

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