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Thailand ranked 3rd to last worldwide on Covid-19 handling


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or the wealthy living it up in Thonglor, or the Army boxing matches, or the migrant workers trying to make a meager living.   Covid is everywhere in Thailand and spreading unabated by vaccines or thoughtful measures imposed by the government.  How do you pronounce Phuket?

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How much worse can this get before the Thai people take their country back and or at least demand some accountability from the people who are failing them?  I can see no reason to visit Thailand, when there are so many more welcoming and nice places with much better vaccination rates and few, if any, restrictions on “FARANGS”.  

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On 7/8/2021 at 5:39 PM, JohninDubin said:

The problem I have with these surveys is assessing their credibility. A couple of years go, I saw a survey which said that TH had the 6th best health service in the world. When you looked at how this was scored, it was on the basis of several criteria that were given equal weight of up to 100 pts each. TH scored very well in every category except for medical expertise where they got 18 out of 100. When I dug a bit further, I worked out that if they got 0 for this category, they would still be in 8th place. Think about it? A country with the worst doctors in the world could still end up being ranked the 8th best for healthcare.

I've had a look at this survey and saw the UK ranked 48th. Really? Apart from the vax rollout, just about everything PM Johnson has done, has been a disaster, including allowing thousands of travellers from India to enter the country on the basis of a "negative pre-flight PCR test", with no further screening. This is in a country where it would not be too difficult for a man to get a certificate stating that he is 11 months pregnant. Within a matter of weeks, Delta was accounting for 97-99% of all new infection. In the space of just 10 weeks, infections have gone from 2k per day to 32k, and are currently at their highest for 5 months.

The UK has a similar population to TH. It has had 50X more deaths and 19X more infections. To top it all off, in spite of these past and current figures, the UK will almost fully reopen on July 19th. If you were reading those stats and you heard that one country was ranked 48th, and the other 118th, would you be able to say that the UK was ahead of TH?


I would say the stats are shi-te as usual, you can not compare stats from a country forced to be open and transparent with its information and a dictatorship like Thailand who is doing only a small fraction of tests and can not be relied on to tell the truth.

Can you tell me what is on my back pocket by guessing? That is what Thailand is doing with its stats and lack of testing. 

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