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to book two hotels in Phuket or not(among other questions)

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i know its just another boring question but i am quite confused with all the rules, and especially their changing.

I am quite sure you can book 2 hotels in Phuket in a first week but also found info that you have to stay in same hotel for a week!?

I would like to book hotel near airport for first 2 nights then change to Patong.

I havent done Thai pass yet. 

Can you put two pieces of document in application?

Also, from what i understood the hotel needs to send you a confirmation letter about airport pick up?

What about pcr test, they organize it or you have to do it yourself?

I just wanna make sure everything is as it should be since my flight is in 2 weeks and its the first time i am not excited about going to thailand, but stressed out.

Many thanx for your answers

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I can answer some of your query.

The hotel needs to send you an email confirming the booking on hotel stationery.

There are two PCR tests that need to be done. The first is at the airport. As one of the checks to make it simple to be found if you test positive, you are required to have a booking for a taxi made with your SHA hotel. The PCR test is the last thing you do as you leave the airport, and once you've completed this, they give you a sticky lapel badge to show it's been done. You then go to a holding area just outside the airport entrance and look for your name on a paging card. There will be a co-ordinator there who will remove your paging card and call your driver who is in a holding area for drivers. Then when your driver reports to the co-ordinator, your name will be called and you can leave the Airport.

Couple of points to note about testing. You will need to book two tests, the first being when you leave the AP, the second 5 days later. There are 5 test centres for the second, and if like me, you've not been here before, it is possible to book one some distance from your hotel. I ended up booking one in Phuket Central shopping mall which was 400 THB each way by cab. When you book your hotel, ask them which is the nearest test centre to them? Then book the test, so you don't incur unnecessary cab fares, Both tests are booked simultaneously.

The other point, is that you are required to stay within your initial hotel for 6 hours on arrival. If you have not heard from the hotel by then, you can presume a negative test and you are free to wander.

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Was in Phuket in November when one terst is required.
Going back end February. I will book my first night near the airport. After test on the airport hotel transport to my hotel and stay in my room (sleep and sit on terrace) till result of my test is known.
Next morning pick up my rented car at the airport and drive to a house I rent on a golf course. For night five I will book a cheap hotel a few 100 meters from my house, drive to Central Floresta for test, to my booked hotel room till result is known. Then I will leave for my house and hope to sleep there.

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