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The only way to self isolate at home in Phuket after testing Positive for Covid 19, for anyone, Expats and Thai, is at Phuket City Hall (new)

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Today is day 10 of my home confinement here in my Rawai condo.  It is almost over for me and my local family here in Phuket. 

But  I  still see a lot of misinformation being spread,  while watching the Thaiger on their You tube channel, with host Tim and Jay.

As a retired AP Photojournalist living  in Phuket for the past 3 years I thought I set the record straight on how the local Phuket Government is handling the surge in Omicron vagrant this past month.  

It is widely reported in the local media, that most Phuket government covid hospital beds are full with Thai's who have tested positive with the delta variant, still accounting for 60 percent of the cases.

After testing positive using the 24 hour PCR test at the Nabon lab, i wanted to self isolate in my condo.  , I informed my Condo/hotel agent that I had Covid, 

I was told by the agent that the condo had protocols to deal with this.  I was told I was needed to go to the Bangkok hospital Which we did . They wanted to give me a second test , when the nurse asked me what I wanted to do? I told her I wanted to to a doctor to get permission to stay at home. 

The nurse dressed in a spacesuit at Bangkok hospital Sirioj understood and told us,  that  the private hospitals were not allowed to send home covid  cases home. 

 She sent us to the newly opened Covid Clinic  at the New Phuket City Hall near our village.  https://goo.gl/maps/mfo2SEboVjrK6 They are the only place in Phuket where you get into the Covid system and get home confinement if you are not very sick...

When we arrived at around noon time we got in an 8 step process, all in Thai language, except in step 5 where I spoke to a English speaking doctor, I was very happy to have my translator wife with me. 

After a few hours of waiting to register my wife took a Coivid test and came back positive, We both were not very sick. Both had weakness and a mild cold and a little fever all this while in8  lines with hundreds of infected people,   After talking to the doctor, we were both sent home for a ten day self isolation along with a full regiment of anti viral drugs, fever and pain meds. and cough syrups.  Mission completed  I did not have to spend any money to stay in a privet hospital  

My total cost was 3000 bhat to the lab for PCR test and 340 bht for a package of meds and thermometer  and blood oxygen mete.

My only downside it did take 12 hours of living hell to navigate this bureaucracy,  Now back to not having my food delivered, every day and my garbage being burned as medical waste  Good luck We had it,  so can you. 



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Moral of the story, if you develop mild cold like symptoms, simply go home and self isolate, no other drama required. 

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Wow, someone was prepared and got the result that was proper


Would you look at that


Glad your isolation is almost over 

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