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Second PCR Test Phuket/Khao Lak.

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Hi everyone, 


I had a question on Test & Go rules, experiences would be thankfull for any Information. 


My partner and me arrived from the EU at Phuket airport 4 days ago. Got the Thai Pass approved beforehand and got in as Test & Go tourists. Did the first Covid test at the airport and were not handed the famous pink slip for the second test. When I asked about it, they said the hotel knows... Test turned out to be negative and guess what, hotel has no clue about any 2nd test. 

Well, Iogged into this psas Website to do an appointment on my own. Everything is greyed out except an appointment at some clinic on our 11th day after arrival when ot is supposted to be on Day 5/6...


Not sure what to do. Should i simply take a pic of the screen showing that this is the only appointment available and book it for now? Probably better to have any appointment than none? Hotel staff is more or less clueless. 


Thank, Hans. 

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Update: we got the 2nd test done by reasearching on our own without an appointment. The third designated clinic in pnam na did it without pink slip. Charged me though, of course. Negative test results were sent as PDF by Email. I provided them to the hotel staff. They say that they dont need them but should be kept for the airport and uploaded to the mor chana App. Is that true? Or are they supposted to upload the results somewhere? I tend to just leave it as it is, got the tests anyways of someone asks about it. Trying to follow any rules but spent too muxh time on this already. 

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