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  1. While one must appreciate how the Thai government protects it's citizens from many evils like pornography and e-cigaretts, I wish they would protect their citizens from COVID by aggressive and effective nationwide vaccinations! Priorities I guess...
  2. Well "officially" the fun is over in Thailand! LOL! Wonder if the "sex police" will be coming around to check!?
  3. He likely gotten the death sentence under the Thai system not just a few years in a civilized jail! And if that's the case we wouldn't even read about this now! LOL!
  4. I bought AXA insurance. I did this because the Thai Embassy is just looking for mistakes and improper documents not to approve a COE (or even visas)! AXA seem to get the nod of the government but don't count on being fool proof! But here are a few things you may want to know! Once you buy the insurance it is NON REFUNDABLE. Yes they will work with you on the dates etc. But I suspect like me if you bought insurance for 3 months but only stay 2 months you will loose one month premium! Also AXA will send you a few files, confirmation, receipt and policy. Funny thing; I sent the embassy one of those that had two signatures. The Embassy rejected it and wanted the letter/policy that had 3 SIGNATURES and 1 STAMP! They also big on the fact that it has to state "COVID is covered" like not all of these policies will say it, I mean health insurance before COVID was not required or was it?
  5. Seriously? No one buys (or sells for that matter) neary a million shares of a stock without inside knowledge especially if they (or their family member) have a connection with a company! If he parties here don't get prosecuted will be a very strong proof of corruption in Thailand!
  6. And who said that Thailand was not dangerous?! Every country is just to different degrees! I remember the saying that said "watch out for the smilling man because he is up to no good"!
  7. I have not been to Thailand but been to some of the surrounding countries! Through a connection I have learned a lot about Thailand in the last 18 months. So based on all that Thailand is NOT paradise many would like us to believe! Lot's of desperate people, badly managed government, a playboy king that spends more time abroad than in Thailand, scams and fraud etc., etc! It is the "playground" for many! Investment for the Chinese and sex for many from Arab countries and party place for Americans, Australians and Brits! The more I learn about Thailand the less I want to pay 2500 plus USD just to enter the country then experience whatever it has to offer! While desperate for tourist currency it makes up huge barriers not experienced in other countries or continents! I.E. I can got to Europe for 90 days, no visa, no health insurance required, no Certificate of Entry I have to apply for, no quaranteen (and if there is one it can be spent at a residence or hotel of choice etc). It is my opinion that Thailand is cutting it's foot off to achieve it's percieved goal! Horribly mismanaged! Well.... just one person's opinin!!! Tell me that I am wrong!!!
  8. From what I heard and read, vaccination registration seem to work about as efficiently in Thailand as their embassy in Washington D.C.; hard to figure out their forms and uploads, no acknowledgement or answer to emails, no one ever picks up the phone during work hours, nit picky about forms and information etc. The HUGE suprise to me was that when you sent them TOO MUCH DOCUMENTATION, i.e. doctor clerance, police clerance for a tourist visa they get VERY CONFUSED! So DON'T DO IT! I learned my lesson!
  9. As the gentlement from Thaiger so apptly noted many out of province visitors were allowed in to the Chonburi (Pattaya) including those from Bangkok, which of course is a hot bed of infections. Badly managed by province officials very much like the State of Florida in the U.S. There is no substitute for poor judgement so now they playing catch up! Economic downturn is on thing but people dying because of the lack of vaccine (slow roll out) is something else! Yet still Thailand does not differentiate between vaccinated and not vaccinated people although I think the latter is not allowed in to Thailand at the moment!
  10. One can feel nothing but sorry for Thailand. The Thai people deserve better than "sandbox" experimentation, bad decisions about ordering vaccines and less effective Chinese vaccine. But this is what happens; government officials make bad decisions and people die! In the US anyone can get vaccine instantly when they walk in to a pharmacy yet there is a trend of vaccine hesitancy. As much as 30% of the peple reisist getting vaccinated. Often when a parent or child dies in a family that they all decide to get vaccinated. Never underestimate human stupidity I guess!
  11. So as I understand it some Pfizer vaccine coming. But unfortunately it may not be available to the common folks. It is slated for government officials, the military and hospital staff (this latter rightfully so). Yes the Chinese vaccine is around and it is being mixed (i.e. one dose of Sinovac and one dose of AstraZeneca). I worry about my girlfriend and her family. People die there every day because of the lack of vaccinations.
  12. So there one can say that in fact there is "prohibition" in Thailand because of COVID!? Then who is to say that any 'rights' can't be controlled by issuing an "emergency decree"! But if "drinking" people are such a danger to society why not outlaw alcohol completely like drugs are outlawed?
  13. I am not suprised at all. Facebook has turned in to the wild west of social media. Sure Zuckerberg put's on a good face (and a suit) and goes through the motions of creating a review panel etc., but the reality is cash cow or not, very rich people doesn't like to spend money. Years ago they would delete a profile calling it "fake" even though it existed for years with real friends, photos and a history. Now you can create a totally fake profile with names like "mic key" with absolutely no information or anything and facebook position is tha it 'doesn't violate community standards". WTF does that mean. The creator then can stalk others with innapropriate comments and facebook's response is "just block them". If course the profile can be deleted and re created on a weekly basis! FACEBOOK a good idea that is now a social media that has cancer!
  14. Yes! The rules don't always apply to those that can pay! New "Elite" visas to Thailand are being sold now costing thousands of dollars a year! So it only takes money to bypass the standard system. But Thailand is not alone. With adequate deposit/investment/fee you can get residency and indeed citizenship on short order in dozens of countries. While here in the US the Thai Embassy wants a "Criminal Background Check" for a 3 month visa issued by State or Federal authorities. I know of no other country that requires that for a 90 day tourist visa. If someone knows any please let me know so I don't deal with them! (and no I have no criminal background, lol!)
  15. There is no suprise here. <deleted references to the monarchy> It is all logical! Let the common people get the Chinese vaccine which is not very good against the Delta variant! Such is the the life of the "have and have not's"!
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