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  1. There will never be zero covid. Vaccinate the most vulnerable groups. End the ridiculous overreaction and fear mongering.
  2. Obviously, they need to allow fully vaccinated people to return, showing a neg test, and a short few days later, another one. That's it. The two weeks and three tests are ridiculous overkill...
  3. So the history of that tactic in Afghanistan in the past will be suddenly turned around... Because why? Lets hear it..
  4. Mate of mine son had really bad asthma when he was young, very weak and small for his age. he went to a HK Chinese medicine specialist. It wasn't cheap. Gave him a concoction to boil up in a tea and drink a few times a day for three weeks. Kid was off the inhaler in a week, completely over any respiratory issues a few weeks later. That was thirteen years ago. That kid is now a big strong young man with serious rugby skills. There is no doubt that a skilled Chinese medical herbalist is a fantastic option for many people.
  5. Black and Hispanic people remain less likely than their White counterparts to have received a vaccine, leaving them at increased risk, particularly as the variant spreads.
  6. Apparently, I was told that by many leftists on several occasions.
  7. Another virtue signaling rant. Stop treating this virus like the black plague and get a hold of yourself.
  8. You are making an anecdotal determination of your immediate circle as if it is a wide spread consistent reality. The least vaccinated demographic are blacks and Hispanics.
  9. This is blather. "conservatives" are not the least vaccinated demographic. You would know that if you weren't so blind to reality and biased. At risk groups should get it if your doctor agrees. The ridiculous notion that vaccines will stop covid19 is yet another ignorant approach from the leftists keyboard warriors who have granted themselves Supreme ability to make their opinions as the only ones that should be considered.
  10. Just like a typical leftist that wants people to die who don't follow their rules. Nothing is less liberal in thought than a liberal. What a joke.
  11. There's millions more that aren't and have died... So do you have any valid points to make, or is this just another emotional anti masker rant?
  12. Wow, the liberal progressive white guilt propaganda has really been absorbed by you. Why do leftists always resort to race and skin color? But then you are a "centrist"
  13. Yes, democrats have always hated the white man, it is the foundation of their white guilt propaganda. Mommy must be proud.
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