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  1. What is happening in many countries if not all that have media that are allowed to talk about it is the high number of people being tested positive with Covid after having their first and second injection, but more testing positive after the second jab than the first. The figures for side effects and deaths from the covid injections rise every day. I hope the The kingdom has prepared its self for these situations.
  2. Are we really living in a world of crack pots. Let's be honest here their is not test on this planet that can give you a positive test for Covid as covid has never been isolated so how can anyone be tested positive for it. The PCR test gives a positive for SARS coronavirus. But which one of the coronavirus are positive for.??? Now this article is fake news. Call the PM.
  3. This platform is limited for debating. Or presenting information or to affirm. I am sure if you doubt or agree you can do your own research.
  4. I saw a paper that Thailand had been praised by who I am not sure, to be third best at testing behind China and America, It was a government memo sent to pubic offices to their workers, also warning of a new more deadly strain of Covid. The only reason for this is to creat more fear, why ? only those who sent it know that . Both America and China have done nothing but lie about this farce from the beginning, if Thailand are going to take the praise from two countries who have plenty gain in the financial demise of Thailand then they are playing the game to bring that about and playing into the hands of those who praise them. Does Thailand think there is some kind of prize for getting the most test case. America admitted last week that of the100 000 cases that that had been registered at first as covid 19 death, now they have found only some 9000 + had been due to Covid 19. If Thailand continue to use the PCR testing then they may meet there Goals ? Do the medical expert not read the latest scientific reports ? The PCR test give far more fales positives test than it gives true positive test results. Insanity.
  5. How long will they keep up this insanity. Testing with a PCR test which does not and cannot define which SARS a person may tested positive for. Also the testing processing has been deemed by it's maker as not be used for such testing. Let alone what they call covid 19 which has never been isolated so how can you test for something that has not been isolated. It's like being in a mad movie. The aim seems to run the kingdom into the ground. And be able to activate the financial reset. So sad the greed of the few are killing the many.
  6. This guy's a joker. I think he wants to be famous for anything. He was the so called expert two weeks ago talk shit. What does safe mean to him. Is he not reading about the fall out and side effects happening world wide with AZ ???
  7. What are you expecting from any of the vaccine a cure ? Stop transmission? The only thing any of them have committed themselves to is a reduction in symptoms if you have the virus. In fact they could promise you the moon as they are not liebal for anything they say or do. What were seeing in many parts of the world in vast numbers are the side effects of these injections. If you read the small print they tell you that the injection is a 3d stage human trial. That has not been certified for human use. So good luck But don't build your hopes up.
  8. Why do they post every day the the number of people they have tested positive or have died from what they call covid related deaths. We know the PCR testing equipment is not a valid way of testing for virul infection and how the test can be minnipulated to a desired outcome. We also know that a related death means the people were ill before they caught SARS 2. So what is the aim ? By constantly showing these numbers everywhere we turn ? Is it so people will run in fear to be injected with something that tells you it can not solve anything but it may reduce your symptoms if you have SARS 2, or to put people in such fear that they lose their minds, there is no positive reason so why do they treat people this way. We know America and Europe played this game with it's people last year, the cover has been blown, inflated death rates , videos of people on ventilators, people crying at the lose of loved ones. Death figures have shown that there was no increase in deaths world wide from any previous years going back to 2015. If there had been or is a pandemic where are the body's ? There is nothing worse than a bad scammer. Why people don't research for themselves and see the holes in the scam instead instead of sitting instead of sitting in front of the tell lie vision Crazy world
  9. If you get pass the hype and do some research you will find the answer to your question. These varients as there now being called are not new . If you look you will see that they have all been paintented a long time ago and each one is owned. None of these varients are novel. Do your research and stop spreading the BS narrative.
  10. Please explain to me how it is possible to come up with 13000 positive test in one day in Thailand. To get positive test requires time a lot of time. Also if you have 13000 positive test you will have double that number in false positives and also double that and more in negative. For test to be done as they should be done ? you need a safe and sterile environment. With well trained staff. Where is this testing Being done ? the testing of 70000 to a 100000 test a day in Thailand ??
  11. Masses testing with a process which has been clearly stated and proven is not fit for purpose. The man who invented the PCR stated that it is not meant to be used the way it is being used, First to test for Covid 19 you need to isolate covid 19 which has not been done. What's being tested for and coming up as positive is SARS but which SARS there are about 8 different one's to date. Then you have the issue on the number of cycles the PCR test is being used at, 17 to 30 cycles is what it is expected use in a laboratory in sterile setting which takes time and staffing which is not happening because of the number of tests. If you exceed the recommended cycles you get false positives and that is what we are seeing The vaccine is a means to reduce symptoms of SARS 2 not a cure. Read what the vaccine manufacturers have said about the vaccine not what some so called expert working for the government.
  12. This situation is like buying something and not reading the small print. It is insanity none of the injections on offer or say that they are effective in any way as it is a trial in it's 3d stage so they do not know the outcome of these injections. None of the companies can and will not say you will not catch covid after your injection so what are people expecting from the injections. The makers of the injections will only go as far as to say it may reduce your chances of catching Covid. Fear is a powerful. Yes their are those who have already life threatening conditions, I understand , and then there are many who are being bullied into having the injection because of travel issues or the fear of exclusion. Something not right.
  13. Can someone help me here ! How can a country promote tourism and also promote that it is having record numbers of Covid transmission's How does this work. More testing more cases . Oh the solution is In an injection that does not stop transmission and by the admission of the makers of the injection provides no cure. So where do we go from here ??
  14. Why do so called experts predict doom, as yet none of their prediction have come to fruition, yet they are quick to have their say, a need to be noticed echoes here. When I read information outside the government narrative from people who have only one concern which is pass on information that will help people I do not here the same kinds of concern. Take case of ivermectin it springs to mind. The experts said it should not be used for Covid, yet we have seen world wide how it has been a life saver in India South Africa and Brazil not to mention other countries now . So what are we afraid of ? New variants has become a buzz word , But what does it mean ? It seems like the word has been dramatized and made to seem something to be afraid of, yet greatest numbers of deaths came at the start of this situation which is a true behavior for any virus infection. The varients we have been told creat more transmissions, is that true or does more testing show more transmissions ? Daily numbers given to covid show more transmission but no greater death rates.h So why do we not highlight other illnesses in the same way to give us a comparison on the number of people who die every day. ???
  15. Again another day at the circus , the more you test with the PCR kit the more positive you will find. It has been stated over and over that the PCR test does not give a true reading for Covid 19 as covid 19 has never been isolated . The positive results are for SARS but which SARS. There is a possibility of any number of SARS depending on the number of cycles the test are being run at. This insanity When have any of us needed a test to know when we are I'll. Oh transmission I forget we are dealing with a condition that is like Ebola or the bubonic plauge. No this condition we call Covid 19 has a 99 percent recovery rate. Do we want to destroy the kingdom have the lunatics taken control. Wake up before you kill us all with starvation or worry.
  16. Why is it that the media and CCSA keep talking about Covid like it is Ebola or the bubonic plauge ? 99 percent of people who get covid recover so why the drama. Influenza kills people every year. Yes the transmission rate is quicker and may be greater but if you check the death numbers world wide between 2015 to 2020 there is no real difference. Yes people with other illness are more vulnerable to Covid again the same with influenza. So why the emergency decree why the closure of people's businesses WHY. Can someone explain ???
  17. More testing more cases ? We now know that the PCR test is no longer valid as a way of testing for COVID-19 so why is it be still being used ? We also know that the recovery rate from Covid exceeds 99 percent so why all this drama. Singapore has adopted no lockdown and no quarantine and developing their economy. What is the aim of Thailand.
  18. Are we forgetting that these injections are human trials. Not one of these companies have said that what there injecting people with is a cure or can stop transmission. Now some idiot who gives claim to being some kind of expert at what I don't know it's ok to mix the brands. And now people are debating whether it's ok or not. It's insane.
  19. The fact is there is no point in closing the gate once the horse has bolted. What is being done now should of been done last year. The more testing done with a test kit which the man who made it, has said it was not mean to be used in the way it is being used, the more cases there will be being reported. Those two issues alone require a rethink on how the kingdom address this issue. Following blindly other countries who have adopted this procedure will lead to only one conclusion . A financial disaster. Singapore adoption of a different approach my bring some answers for Thailand , unless there is another agenda which we are not prive to ??
  20. I think this time last year there were reports of a doc being madecon how well Thailand had done with the so called pandemic. This year it's a different situation ranked 3d lowest in the world at dealing with the problems of the pandemic. What I find most disturbing is how the rich have had easy access to the trial MRN injection and those who are seen as in more need of this injection are still waiting. All this when the kingdom has just spent a large amount of money on an add which paints Thailand as the place to be, to attract people back to Thailand for an amazing vacation.
  21. I worry when I see headlines like this , should it read Covid related deaths. This is a catch 22 situation testing has increased with a test kit which if not used right will give false positives. Which is giving a picture of a situation that is out of control. On the other hand the kingdom is trying to promote Thailand as holiday destination. There something is not right with this picture.
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