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  1. Only seen hand cam ones, it's out here on the 21st I think
  2. Certainly one of the most talented I have ever seen
  3. So far so good then loads of film with English subtitles, unlike music which I know far more about, this is quite funny with a football theme
  4. Just watched this with the mrs, not great but good in parts especially the ending. Mrs says there are some famous comedians in this and I recognized the Dutch guy Walter playing the school teacher. Went to his wedding 20 years ago in Nakom Nowhere, his parents paid for it all including a big bus to take everyone up there from Bkk. Marriage lasted about 6 weeks- she was a bar girl from nana plaza, his parents were not best pleased! He appears at 30.22.
  5. Don't waste your money, children and orphans are a much more worthy cause than stray mutts
  6. Sticking a plaster on an open wound. Last time I looked at their stats since they started it was averaging out 100+ dogs a day sterilized, while they are doing this I suspect more strays are born than that in my sub district. I am not saying what they do is a total waste of time, it's just nowhere near the answer.
  7. Famous and well respected morlam/luktung singer especially in the 80's-90's died last night on 15th Oct, just 60 years old. He had the vax two weeks before having heart failure which has sparked the usual controversy, he was from Khon Khen. Had a very big hit with his song mee mia dek, have young wife, a few years ago. Unfortunately cannot post that, or any video of him on Tv as it would be against the rules due to the lack of English subtitles, have to make do with this album he signed for me.
  8. Best Thai tragic/comedy imo from 2001 directed by Pen Ek Ratanaruang. Can't find the full film but it's on Google play and Amazon prime, we could have asked Yinn of course! Don't forget is one of the songs in this by Surophol. who was shot in 1968. Monrak Transistor
  9. Got a link, cant be in Thai only of course
  10. Insulting people who you disagree with I think is probably against the rules. Are you one of those animal lovers who actually eats them? The distinction between pets and livestock is purely artificial and man made, animals are animals. If you don't mind them being killed for you to eat why mind about ending their suffering as strays? It's the highest form of hypocrisy.
  11. They rounded up al the stays in our moo baan a few years ago, 14 altogether and just dumped them up the road! Mrs got savaged by a stray which had attacked 4 others including 2 kids in the previous 2 weeks, it was still being fed by locals under this making a merit delusion. There is a big reason why they have this aversion to dealing with the problem of course, and it's not Buddhism,
  12. I am not suggesting Soi dog as responsible for anything other than making almost no difference to the problem. Yes it's caused by humans so it's up to us to solve the problem of millions of these strays, that will not be achieved by feeding and sterilizing a few. You support them doing it by giving them money, but then say remove their food source. So you prefer them starving to death and suffering rather than a quick painless exit?
  13. The only way I would give an animal charity cash is if they were getting rid of strays, not pretending to solve the problems they cause by making a splash about feeding and sterilizing a few. They might stop a very small number from breeding but they are still able to bite, bark, poop and cause traffic hazards. The number they get adopted is a tiny drop in the ocean. I bet you most if not all of these doggy do gooders actually eat other animals!
  14. That would be the sensible solution but people would say it goes against their Buddhist beliefs, those beliefs don't stop them abusing other animals though. They won't kill pest cats and dogs but have no problem with millions of other animals being killed every year for food- as it's somebody else doing the killing. At least Wats like ours have signs up now warning of CCTV and any caught dumping pets liable to 40k baht fine. Take a long time to change this making a merit (by prolonging suffering) nonsense and refusing to end life attitudes here. Tim had the chance to abort more unwanted kittens but bottled it, people at home used to drown them as soon as they were born, i'd suggest he does the same.
  15. Soi dog mostly perpetuates suffering by feeding strays and has just kept the population growth down slightly with the sterilization work. Gives people a feel good glow that something worthwhile is being done when mass euthanasia would be far more beneficial. Their work is no solution to the millions of stray dogs and cats in Thailand as a whole, people just want to think it is.
  16. No curfew from Nov 5th then? You would think if they want to attract the foreign audience they would produce some info in English, other than days and date, such as who is actually on and when.
  17. Love at first flood looks like they made it in 2010 then, gets 6.7 on imdb
  18. I think foreigners cannot really start to understand Thailand without some appreciation of 4 aspects of Thai culture. The language, the religion, the music and the comedy. It might not be to your taste and may be difficult to understand, but at least trying to understand the culture so many foreigners claimed to have 'fallen in love with' will only enrich the experience of visiting or living here. Some more traditional Thai films for example look like broken up scenes with not a lot of continuity, but this is an influence from likay the traditional music theatre and this can also be seen in lakorn. This comedy musical features Yodrak Salakjai luktung superstar and was released just a year before his death in 2008. We went to his funeral at Wat Rai King, the biggest funeral for an entertainer since Pumpuang in 1992. He recorded more tracks than any other Thai singer, over four thousand. I should add if you are not interested in Thai film please do not bother to make pointless negative comments. He signed this for me shortly before he passed away, he lived life to the full that's for sure
  19. In Baan Saphaan Thong at present not far from the city, few years since I was last here and 18 since staying in the city. None of the old music cafes and karaokes are around that I remember, any recommendations? Somebody on here must be living in Roi Et and would know, or their Mrs
  20. Not possible to do, it's like asking somebody to produce the thread on Chinese music they claim they started. Eg I wanted to post some material of Jintara one of the top performers in the country for over 30 years, but there is nothing with English subs, why should there be? Only some with Vietnamese subs. As I said the closest you can get is phonetic Thai off karaoke discs, almost anyone ought to be able follow those who have been here a while- especially those living in ROI ET where she is from- Kaswet Wisai.
  21. if you leave the idiots win
  22. Might be an idea to start removing the off topic bickering from those who just, as always, want an argument and leave the thread for Thai music fans?
  23. Was your Chinese thread just a fantasy then?
  24. Only most popular Grammy song have sub and not many, a few have Chinese, must please somebody! Here is Ying 2012 I think signing my album
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