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  1. I never read the rules, certainly not for forums, life's too short, those concerned with rules never seem to have much of a sense of humor
  2. what are FG's? does anyone actually read the rules or constant updates? I know I don't
  3. 3 years ago we went into a local hospital for the price of a full check up, went into detail to nail the cost down- 7k baht, Mrs did not let on it was for me. Next week we went in for it, price had gone up to 11k baht. They offered 9k after some argument but we refused. After over an hour of them phoning up higher people they agreed to 7k but insisted they were losing money on it!
  4. Purgatory without the music, morlam and luktung or kantrum in Mrs village they can stick the food, their beer and the chin wagging, put the music on and dance.
  5. Looks like you will have to wait until Thailand comes of the red list
  6. Just for the curious now a word has been removed from my post above, I did not refer to a mod on here chopping his girl friend up, everyone knows about it anyway
  7. No idea, he was some sort of midget with tats and piercings, may have been lying of course. Are you back in the UK now then?
  8. True, not only the mod who chopped his lover up and the lawyer from Canada working here who killed his mum with a knife, but more recently a You Tuber exposed as a would be strangler, it's a scum magnet alright. I once sat next to the owner of a Pattaya bar called the Dog Bollocks on a plane here, embarrassing to come from the same country. Dave must have really upset somebody
  9. There is more to Thai culture than temples and crappy street food. Nightlife really means sleaze, bars are really brothels, or at least pick up joints for prostitutes and massage parlors in Pattaya are hardly from the Wat Po school It's a move in the right direction, they should actively start to discourage the sex trade and the low life's who come here for it.
  10. I have them in most of the time, blocks out all the Thai babble from the mrs and family/friends
  11. Not essential at all, just go and visit places yourself and ask security what's for rent. Surprised no mention of Hipflat.
  12. coders, drop shippers, lay a bouts and dreamers, in fact anyone with a laptop
  13. Can they spare the time to get the immigration database done first, so all 90 reports can be done online, after over 6 years?
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