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  1. Just one thing to know - Do not buy! You are going to be locked out anytime. Not talking about details like lack of maintenance.
  2. What kind of _tourist_ will go through all the hassle to go to Thailand? Only long term stay makes sense under those restrictions.
  3. The institution of marriage appeared with private property to preserve inheritance. Also, if you are not legally married in the US - you might be denied access to your partner at the hospital, information will not be released to you, etc. "Most ancient societies needed a secure environment for the perpetuation of the species, a system of rules to handle the granting of property rights, and the protection of bloodlines."
  4. With the so-called re-opening - will there be Visa On Arrival? If not - forget it.
  5. No way we come to Thailand without Visa On Arrival. We travel and not going to apply for a formal entry visa ahead of time.
  6. Actually $1500. See attached. Quote Results - Trawick International, Inc_.pdf
  7. Your options also depend on your country of residence. Trawick will provide coverage but it's going to cost you. For a US couple, 75 y.o., $100K limit, $1000 deductible - $2100 for 3 months.
  8. Trawick International. https://www.trawickinternational.com/ Their medical insurance includes covid
  9. In 70 years Earth's population more than tripled from 2.5 billion to 8 billion. Mortality from this virus is about 4% in general and mostly sick people die. So let the natural selection run its course. All those lockdowns are nonsense - they just destroy the economy and people's lives.
  10. Who would have thought? Surprise! If you travel at this time - you can expect anything to happen. Like a new lockdown - how is a person supposed to travel in Thailand when rules can change any day. Her situation "meets expectations" in corporate speak.
  11. We've been coming to Thailand for long stay every year on visa on arrival. And we use Thailand as a base for travel. Which is not possible in the current situation. So no Thailand for us until things come back to normal. Will get our cert of vaccination and keep to Europe and the US.
  12. Something is fishy here: why would _tourists_ go to all this trouble just to go on vacation - get visas, etc. - when there are tropical countries without any barriers for entry. Personally, I would not go _on vacation_ to any country that requires a visa application and a quarantine. Only for long stay.
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