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  1. Didn't say all, but when they are in groups then pretty close to probably all. But BTW, I have noticed a bit of a change for the better for how they act in their younger generation. Benidorm? You mean like CM? : (
  2. Yeah, even after 30 years I still love to travel around in Thailand and still get a kick out of it. For him it must of been how we felt in our first days here.
  3. Yeah the writing looks to be on the wall and a blind eye is going to be taken to it. You are correct as there needs to be some complaints to provide some substance of pushing back, but unfortunately once those gates open back up it is going to go back to the massive groups of them flooding back in. My daughter several years back was the night time manager of a condo building in CM near the airport vicinity (won't say what one) that had someone or a group buy too many condos there. Probably used a proxy, but the owners were in the mainland as was told. She speaks and writes Chinese but would literally come home and tell me stories of how noisy, pushy and boisterous and obnoxious some of these guests were. They used the condo just like a hotel so it was group after group after group non stop. If that was me owning a unit there, I probably would have jumped out the window. Everything in moderation but with the Chinese there is none of that for the most of them. Not saying all, but from what I have observed most all act the same. Thank Buddha no Chinese bought a house in my area, but before Covid you would see them in every crevice and even near my area cruising around. They have literally ruined my home town in the USA, but they do have that buying power coming from the millions of millionaires of them out of the billions of people. I am one of not really wanting to see too many of any one race in one place at one time including Americans, well except for Thai people that is. Lovely bunch and why I stay here..
  4. Well just means that I have to try to dig in more to avoid buying anything, renting or staying anywhere they have bought into. I have been on a do not buy Chinese products campaign for a long time now, but some things are very hard to avoid. This massive Chinese buying spree is going to come back and bite Thailand in the rear end. It should be regulated, and not by brown envelopes or kowtowing to them..
  5. Yes the best people. And yes on your statement. But what is weird about not spreading it, it can live in all our throats, vaccinated or not for how you feel.
  6. Hi Stonker. I agree. But it doesn't seem to be how we see or want it for our Thai wife or our kids. . It is at the decision of them whom are already pushing their BS Sinovac and or AZ safe being jabbed 50%, so in reality they don't care about our Thai spouses or our family as it looks as if they are only interested in what they think and say. They are wrong!. But from this standpoint from them, I hope that they rott in he ll for this. Cannot be any heaven from their wrath of selfish wrong. This is what I hear from my kids and wife. Sinocrap and AZ they can stuff this junk up their false rear-ends. They and most in CM do not want it and despise them now. This is from what I am seeing and hearing from the adults and the students and kids. There is so much of a F them going on now than I have ever seen and felt before.
  7. riclag. I am starting to like you a lot. But not in the not heterosexual sense.
  8. I am just waiting to tell my wife the Plus factor is now here faster than ever should have been. Still waiting for her Moderna shots in CM. Yes I don't want to worry her so excessively like these aholes in charge are doing. thye just keep on running this country into the ground on all accounts.
  9. Before the clock ticks down and implodes their stupidity into a covid nightmare. But I am sure they can twist the outcome.
  10. Yeah but that is for immigrants in other countries and for here no one gets it whether foreigners or the homies.
  11. Feelings of the younger generation is to support more local Thai bands that have been ignored left to hang high and dry by them from their Covid management. Consensus is these 2 figures are too wealthy already, and no one cares about opera as it is an illusion of trying to create something of false hi-so-ness for here that no one backs or knows or cares about..
  12. I just hope he can get through 3 sentences without stuttering or forgetting the facts. And I voted for him as the lesser of the 2 evils having zero choice.
  13. If it is such a small amount then why don't him and his cronies pony up out of their billions.
  14. So can we call this Black and Blue Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday? This is an outrage and another, yes another serious foul-up and blemish on this J u n t a government. Simply is they do not care for anyone but themselves. These characters and their hi-so elite B-S a ttit udes need to go!
  15. It is a nice gesture and realistically is the Thai way. I am really glad el fathead did not try to take the PR opportunity spotlight and someone else was able to do it.
  16. Only negative is they had to throw in the big dong dong's name saying it was from him.
  17. I will believe it when I see it. They better send more than a lions share of the Moderna up here as people are waiting for it and will not just jab with the CCP/CP junk, and for the other matter are anti AZ as well.
  18. This is just ridiculous. Comes on the 1rst but they need to check the vaccine so it will probably more than likely be an additional 12-14 days? These are the most moronic idiotic brain dead non caring people there could be in any serious position. My wife and oodles of CM folk are waiting for the Moderna while CM is blowing up, but I will bet that they will not send enough here for the first registered as they will probably come up with some cockamamie scheme to inject dogs and cats because, well just because TIT.
  19. Yes and no. Do you remember when it was so nice way back when we had not so many tourists double and triple and quadruple plus plus ? We as the old timers should be respected by them.
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