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  1. Article quote: The Burmese man, who works as a migrant labour broker that matches fishing boats with workers in Phuket, faces rape charges that carry a fine of 8,000 to 40,000 baht and 4 to 20 years in prison. The woman recounted the trauma, saying she was referred by a friend to the man who said he needed someone to do laundry. He welcomed her with a meal and chatted with her about work. But after eating, the woman said he attacked, kicking and punching her and told her that he had paid off the police so they wouldn’t help her. Well if he does have that connection to getting and brokering workers for the fishing industry, then he might perhaps be one dangerous ruthless guy with definite connections with the authorities. Let's wait and see if fishy or not.
  2. Well the confession won't be done using plastic bags. Maybe a ballpeen hammer to his hands or s stun gun?
  3. Nothing surprises me when it comes to the CCP and their ultimate plan to rule the world. But I would hope they are truly not that sinister.
  4. Article Quote: Chiang Mai has been particularly cautious about reopening as the winter months are traditionally much more popular with domestic tourists than international ones. They have focused on the domestic market as the third phase of the We Travel Together hotel subsidising programme is set to continue in October. Foreign travellers are expected to start to return when international flights resume to Chiang Mai in January of next year as long as demand is there for flights to operate. Korean golfers are expected to bolster international tourism to the region. Until then, Chiang Mai will cautiously reopen using the 7+7 extension program connected to the Phuket Sandbox at first to test the waters, whether on October 1 or November 1. So this is pure ingenious. Let's only do a domestic push. Now that is just brilliant and will stop the infections dead in its tracks, well if it was in fact alive, but it isn't in the sense that we think being alive is. And it is brilliant also based on the other fact that no one in Thailand has the virus and everyone is already vaccinated. Truth of the matter is it seems the majority who come to CM are the Bangkok people who have money or second homes here, but nope, there is no covid in Bangkok so no need to worry about them spreading it through their travel to stimulate the economy..
  5. So if they can really prove it then let's put the CCP's arse to a noose and hang them high. Now if they prove that a top Chinese defector's claim that it was purposely released at some international games being held in Wuhan and then got out of control, then the world should stomp hard, close down and shun the CCP altogether and say bye bye. Sickening. Sorry for the good Chinese folk, but time to punish the CCP if all is true.
  6. No one is saying never do it in CM, we are just saying get everyone vaccinated with their choice of vaccine and then let it rip. But majority wise no one is even close to near being vaccinated here. So until then shelve it and out it on ice.
  7. There ya go, Chinese quality issues again, and otherwise as everything from the Trump wall was actually designed to fall and crush all the illegals saving money to not send them back.
  8. I didn’t say how much the wife would charge them to attend , and in order for her to lose her sleep with the extra noise and duties.
  9. That is true. But HCM has big mouth, maybe more bad than going to slammer. Beside no HCM big mouth you must buy ticket from wife.
  10. Ok, but tickets have to be purchased directly from my wife. And sleeping in my backyard cost you extra so don’t get have police catch you after hour. No blanket or pillow? That right must buy extra ticket again.
  11. I actually like any youngish pretty gal in a nurses outfit.
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