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  1. sounds awful!! i'm staying put until this whole thing is over
  2. its tough right now with the threat of covid, but depending on where you are, there's often expat pool leagues and such. But of course you need to be half decent at pool and a good drinker! when this place opens up to the public, you should start a thread in the thailand local category where you are and just see whos local and start a convo or 5 going.
  3. correct, but with this being thailand, you can often get away with such minor offences by paying a little cash ;) happened to me once when i was flying mine on the outscirts of CM, thousand baht it cost me! it hurt but better than an official fine and time at the police station!!
  4. CNA reporting a tightening of restrictions in SG after the Indian variant is detected and like 20 new cases reported. puts thing into perspective - 20 cases!!?
  5. day by day comparisons dont really mean much. as nice as it is when the numbers come down the next day
  6. friend of mine stayed at Lancaster Bangkok, said it was fine. but also said he will never travel again if he is imprisoned like that!!!
  7. I don't know, but I can't wait til we can get this, it will make everything so much easier for us DNs
  8. first bezos and now gates, whos next? musk? oh wait, hes already divorced like 10 times!!
  9. Hi Kednog! Only been phuket a handful of times, but my favorite has to be Tung Ka Cafe for the sunset. Views are incredible! You can find it up Rang Hill and it's quite a struggle to get there, so be warned!! If we're talking Chiangmai (where i live), it has to be The Verde (33 Soi Sukasem, Nimmanhaemin Road), the greenery of the garden is amazing. Anyone traveling to CM should visit this place!
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