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  1. The movie was shot in Ireland and most of the Scottish onscreen were actually Irish. The guy who glued himself to a plane, however, was a glory-seeking pillock whose "sacrifice" caused over 300 passengers to sit inside a plane for two stressful hours, no doubt resulting in missed connections for many. Shameful behavior.
  2. You didn't mention what your business is, but does it make you an expert in some skill that other people would be interested in? A good way to meet other focused people is to hold a monthly or fortnightly meetup teaching aspects of that skill to others. Sharing knowledge is both satisfying and a way to hone your own understanding of what you do. It can also drive more business to you. Alternatively, you could hold a more generally-themed meetup, such as an entrepreneurs meetup. Organizing a meetup is easy in Thailand. You can generally hire an upstairs room in a cafe for a small amount, or sometimes they will waive the fee entirely if your group spends a certain minimum amount on coffees. It is important that it be a central, easy-to-find location. Don't schedule it on the same evening as any other big expat events in your city, or on a Friday or Saturday night. Then you post an event notice to the various Facebook groups covering your city. Make it clear that each attendee must contribute a small amount towards the cost or buy a drink (depending on your deal with the cafe). Each meetup should have a specific theme that you highlight in the event notice. Either you or someone else should give a short talk or demonstration on that subject. The rest of the meeting will wind up being a discussion that you should guide. Ask everyone present to talk a little about who they are and what they are doing in Thailand. Most of the those attending will be there because they want to meet others, but it does a good job of filtering out the wasters, loonies, and hustlers that are the curse of expat life. The meeting should last around two hours but the majority will probably adjourn to a pub afterwards.
  3. That presumes both adequate education and zero rape. Just to be clear, I am uncomfortable with abortion, but the cost of the surgery is an absolute non-issue. By making abortion far more accessible to black women in the US, the rates of violent crime dropped significantly in subsequent decades and that saved far more money than was spent. In general, and regardless of race, children born into a stable two-parent family have far better life outcomes. When a woman seeks an abortion she is acknowledging that she is not ready, emotionally or financially to be a mother. If, for example, a young woman becomes a single mother, not only does it ruin whatever plans she might have had for her own education and career, her child is far more likely to end up incarcerated, murdered, addicted, and unemployed. He is far less likely to attend college or get married himself. He is also more likely to been involved in a car crash or to suffer from a major disease. A minority of people, throughout their lives, cost society a disproportionate amount of money and cause a disproportionate amount of upset and pain to others. So, again, abortion is problematic in many ways, but the cost is insignificant.
  4. Unfortunately, in almost all countries with a national health system, the issue has become so politicized that it is almost impossible to reform or separate out parts that might be better handled by private organizations. The only hope is that advances in technology will render such dinosaur systems redundant.
  5. That is a mischaracterization. Israel was the early leader and, until Delta, had reduced active cases to less than ten per million of population. It is also important to specify which vaccine you are talking about. There are several, using radically different technologies. Countries such as Chile had a surge at the same time that Israel had incredible lows because they had used Sinovac. If you can use one of the three effective vaccines, you can seriously blunt the impact of Delta on individuals. The stated aim of the vaccines was always to reduce hospitalizations and death. We should be using other treatments, including Ivermectin, in addition to vaccines and, especially, for the billions of humans who will have no access to vaccines for years to come.
  6. It is also widely used in human medicine. Many medicines are used to treat both humans and animals.
  7. Honestly, I would be somewhat wary of how this guy wants to "care" for me.
  8. I suspect that no force on Earth could prevent your mighty genitals from going where they want to go.
  9. They should also send a free pizza to the genius who decided to allow two million migrants into what used to be one of the Europe's most peaceful, law-abiding, socially cohesive, and prosperous countries.
  10. It is a 36 year old shed with a fancy roof that, after no maintenance at all, has finally collapsed. The wiley monks are seizing the opportunity to blame it on Covid, knowing that will get plenty of publicity and enable them to raise 5 million baht. The article even includes their bank details.
  11. Perfect. AstraZeneca is effective and no one below 60 is in much danger unless obese or otherwise screwed. I believe the mRNA vaccines are better, if only because you can get your second shot after just a month, whereas I think they might make you wait longer for your second AZ. Only being fully vaccinated will give you a reasonable amount of protection against Delta.
  12. I'm going to guess that you're not particularly familiar with what the Thai army does ?
  13. I hope this madness won't affect my preferred midday snack, Little Jew cookies.
  14. Actually, on that computer I don't use a VPN but a lot of Chrome add-ons, so, probably one of them. Just a very unusual bug. I'm certainly considering moving to Safari. Even Firefox seems to be pulling ahead of Chrome these days.
  15. In some discussions, sadly, there comes a point at which one must recognize that, for some unknown reason, the other person is determined to twist and mischaracterize what you have said. Here you are, above, suggesting that I want to put half the US population into shielded accommodation. You know, bloody well, that this is not true and, yet, you pump out paragraph after paragraph based upon this false assertion. No, I won't "explain it" to you. There is no point in talking to someone who lacks basic integrity, someone who argues in bad faith. You have placed yourself in the category of intellectual midget. Your conclusions are dust in the wind, unanchored to any reality. Nothing you think or have to say is worthy of my time or consideration.
  16. Ah, okay. Tried it in Safari and it did work. Must have been some sort of Chrome quirk, perhaps an add-on I'm using.
  17. The Nation appears to have hidden that report. You can briefly see the title before it forwards you to a 404 page. I noticed that what I presume is the right video is still available on their YouTube channel:
  18. Probably worth noting the most important Sinovac side effect: It does not work.
  19. Nonsense. If a third of any population were likely to die from Covid, the world as we know it would be over. We know which age group is predominantly dying with Covid, we know that Thailand has significantly fewer people, particularly men, who even make it to that age. What you are expressing here is not "research". It is hysteria.
  20. We are now 18 months into this "unexpected situation". This might offer some insight into why the Thai government has had such difficulty in procuring enough vaccines: At this stage, the government of Thailand are the undisputed biggest clowns of the pandemic. Everyone in the world knows why Thailand "preferred to sign its own deals with vaccine manufacturers", and why the manufacturers had to walk away from those talks in 2020. There has never been a clearer example of how lethal bureaucracy and endemic corruption can be. The Thai people know this. Now the question is whether they have the courage to do something about it.
  21. Suicidal? So, you believe Jeremy Corbyn would have been a better choice?
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