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  1. The title of this post sez it all really... I've read reports that with some Non O visas the Covid Insurance by a Thai based company is not mandatory..? I'm planning a 90 day trip (& gonna use my flight voucher issued by Emirates)... So maybe I can use the free Emirates policy if they allow it to be used in conjunction with their vouchers..? Or maybe I must purchase a Thai-policy to cover the $100,000 requirement...? OR..Is there no requirement on Non O's based on marriage..? My preferred choice would be a UK-based policy covering all general aspects of health cover, including my heart condition, plus Covid cover. Many thanks in advance for snippets of useful info.
  2. Not trying to stray to far off the O/P but.. ... Reading the above posts mentioning the mandatory Covid insurance needed to gain entry, is this not yet another major hurdle towards folk not booking to return..? Yes it looks great on paper when a country demands all visitors to have Covid-health insurance... Not so great when it means for so many who, before leaving their own countries have to be covered by specialist heath cover for their individual ailments... Thus meaning, like my good self, if I want to come to Thailand I need to purchase full UK-based heath insurance that also covers my heart condition.. Then the Thais require me to buy another full policy with Covid cover included.. AXA want 7600+b for 90 days, (~£169), plus my UK policy (£200), then add on Thai PCR tests, and the figure is climbing way up. Time for them to accept (as every other country still does) Insurance bought by the traveller in their own country with Covid cover. (did I hear a mention of brown envelopes ..?).
  3. A few weeks ago I'm sure the 'Hoteliers association' were collectively saying the same thing as what 'Tourism operators' are saying now... Indeed weeks have passed, & the Thai authorities are STILL messing around with their grand plans to reopen the country... Nothing is ever set in stone, one Gov. institution will pass a bill, then another will over-ride it.. By about Feb/March they MAY come to some agreement on allowing (the millions of) waiting tourists to enter the country without all the needless requirements.. Well guess what..? Your umpteen expected millions of holiday-makers/wallet-laden returnees may have already found a new paradise, and are already there enjoying spending cash that has been saved up since early 2020.. But never mind, you've always got 'Domestic Tourism' to pull you thru'.
  4. PLUS..I keep thinking why is there a need to send all your CoE info to the Thai Embassy when (after they finally drop the quarantine requirement) then surely everything else the Thai Gov require will be looked at/scrutinised by the airline check-in staff..? To obtain a Thai visa it's been the same list of requirements for a long time.. So once you've been granted your visa, could they not simply prepare a list of 'must haves' to later submit at the check-in desk..?
  5. After reading all the previous posts about the dropping of the CoE requirement, and introducing 'Thailand Pass'... I'm thinking just the same as everyone else on here... Same s***, just a different colour! Did I read on one posting that many provinces are only planning to re-open between Nov 1-30..? That leaves many folk not booking till into Dec. They really are unable to make public statements without the use of 'should, hope, plan, possibly, & expected'.. Leaving us all thinking WTF..?? Well today is Thursday, so give it till after the weekend and some other government official will have stepped up to the social podium and announced some new requirements to offset any previous 'possible' plan to re-open the country... How many more 'statements' to come before Nov 1st..?
  6. So.. Good ole Blighty has taken the Los off it's red-list.. Well that got me to start planning a return trip, BUT, once I got onto the Thai E-visa pages (& read the Emirates info pages too) about the sheer timing of submitting all the relevant documentation, certificates, proof of payments, and a Covid test certificate/proof 72 hours before flying... JUST to obtain a CoE... I simply thought Nah! 22 years of running a bar, and obtaining a multi-entry visa all these years without any hitches, and now I'm met with a near as damn it brick wall! My Emirates flight voucher is valid till April.. The Thai Gov has hardly altered anything over the last few months to make it any easier for long-stay folk to come, so I have ordered more fuel for my central-heating and will stay home in the UK for winter. Sorry Thailand but your Immigration/Government simply thinks it can do without tourists/visitors for yet another high-season, & again keeps banking on 'Domestic tourism' to pull it on thru' (Well good luck on that score). I'm sure I'm not the only guy on here with this way of thinking just now.
  7. I, {like many others) are primed & ready to return, BUT...I really do not want to jump thru all those hoops..Here in the UK a very large percentage of us are all 'jabbed-up', and have some form of proof of this. I for one are staying in my little village home till the Thai's drop the CoE, Drop their new visas in favour of their original ones, revise their insurance stipulations, and sort out once and for all if we need quarantine or not. They always change their rules every damn week ! Added to that I would be bringing cash with me, that at the moment in the LoS I am unable to spend..(I am NOT in the habit of paying 'Falang prices to see a waterfall, or making donations to temples.) Also, my regular (adventure sports) insurance company will not cover me while Thailand is on the UK's red-list... Is it really so hard for the powers-that-be in Thailand to realise WHY tourists/long-stayers are NOT booking to return..?
  8. North put's me near Big C, South puts me in the trees with the damn monkeys..555.. So I'm East of the temple..(downhill)
  9. Surely if the Black Bamboo has been open/trading as normal, and has been full of folk/raking in the 1000's of Baht when the rest of the nation's beer-bars have been closed by order for months now, then some 'organisation' on the island has allowed this to happen..? It reminds of Mad Max 3 (Thunderdome) when 'Aunty' (Tina Turner) asks the population "Who runs Bartertown"? So who runs Samui? (Yes we think we may know the answer to that one,..& it's not any BKK-based ruling institution). I do also feel sorry for the inhabitants of Samui that have all been put at risk because of this.
  10. Remember when he came to power..? He took over every national TV station for an hour each Friday evening and preached total bo***x to the nation... Well IMO he's just doing same as he's always done.. telling the nation what they want to hear.. But without any truth what so ever!
  11. My house is near the Chinese temple on the way up to the lookout. Every evening Thai ladies come with buckets of tomatoes, bananas, coconut, mangoes etc.. Despite written notice that it's forbidden. ..But in a time when so many unfortunate folk are queuing for food hand-outs in/around town I would like to think that the food destined for the monkeys could be cooked and help the needy..? Or is this not Thai logic...Monkeys need food 'cos there's so, so many of them, and without the donations each evening they'll starve.. mmm? Without the food deliveries will these monkeys start to get hungry..& even more aggressive..?
  12. When I joined this site a few weeks ago the daily 'new infection' figure was around 4800/5000 people, & the powers-that-be were introducing all number of Covid-beating schemes. So now here we sit, the new stats show 16000+ today, and the MPs are STILL fuelling the nation with promises. There's STILL folk queuing for food hand-outs, there's STILL no organisation whatsoever as regards vaccinations, & STILL just a boat-load of possibles. maybe's, & ifs... ... Does any member of this government have the balls to stand up and tell the rest of them that they have not got a fri**in clue about how to tackle this situation..? What will be the daily figure come October..When the country was set to open up again..? Will the whole country be a 'red zone' for tourists? .. so have to avoid..?
  13. Did I hear that Covid has a 2 week incubation period..? So a coupla weeks from now the UK residents will know if Boris's 'Freedom' plan has worked ..or spelt disaster for the nation..? At the moment (oop in Yorkshire) we are experiencing food shortages on the shelves of supermarkets! Yes, seemingly there is a nationwide shortage of HGV/truck drivers that have NOT tested positive for Covid... So supermarkets are not getting their regular deliveries, PLUS staffing levels at all major stores are down due to employees testing positive also... This is before any possible backlash from BoJo's liberty-stunt... Next few weeks will surely tell..?
  14. Wow..Look how strong and fat it is... Not very 'sick' at all..555 (Lucky those horns never made contact with any of those riders!)
  15. At a time when the whole country is suffering an escalating Covid crisis & many/all medical facilities are stretched to bursting point...Along comes the Minister of public health & (as if he's nothing else to worry about) imposes this 'cosmetic tax' on the sales of tampons..! At this point (even tho' I'm a man) I take my hat off to all the Thai ladies that got together & kicked up a proper stink over this dumb plan. This guy may well be good friends with the other bright spark who thought this week was a good time to purchase another needy submarine... You really could not make this up could you..?
  16. So I'm waiting for all the grovelling PR folk on the island to make a humble apology to the lady this coming week.. Her photo will be in the news with her holding a bouquet of flowers given to her by some high-ranking member of the TaT... One of the high-end hotels will be seen offering her a suite for the next 2 weeks free of charge including meals.. The taxi-mafia will promise to take her anywhere in Pukkers without ripping her off... (OK that last one was a bit extreme 555) I think you've all seen the picture I'm painting here.
  17. Dr Biscuit.. Before all the Covid restrictions there was a regular ViP bus that arrived in H.H. from Phuket nightly around 9/9.30pm..The big bus is (as many are) White & blue, but with a big orange palm tree design on it's sides. This is a nice bus, with each seat having headsets rather than a big TV blaring at you! Many Government buses (if going to Bangers) miss H.H. by using the bypass... If this is gonna be the case then get off the bus in Pranburi at the little bus station/office in the centre of town (at the main traffic lights), then catch the 30b 'Orange chug-along' up to H.H. that leave about every half hr thru' the day. Just a coupla options for you if intending to use a bus.. Cheers now.
  18. Yesterday the recorded new cases were about 5,700... Today's figure is 6230.. That's 12,000 new cases in the last 2 days! Am I a little bit behind the times here..? but that seems a helluva lot of new infections.. roughly 40,000 over the last week... And the 'powers that be' are still allowing inter-provincial travel on buses etc.. It's gonna get worse before it get's better!
  19. Years ago I asked the Q. "Why, in Hua Hin do youths fly round on motorbikes with no lights on? But more-so at weekends..? The answer I got was (& btw this fact is true to some extent).. The boy-racers have taken out the alternator from their engines, thus gaining power due to the lack of magnetic 'drag'.. so they come out, with a fully charged battery, and buzz round on 'total loss', then slink home when power fades. Lack of No. plates is an easy one to work out... Underage, no licence, tax, test, insurance...But fear not 'cos the powers-that-be are gonna crack down on the size of food delivery boxes.. so that makes the roads safe again!
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