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  1. usually go to foreign transaction desk to bring over funds with the Schwab card. On occasion have used it in ATM machines. If a fee shows up, it's always been reimbursed back into my account by Schwab within 48 hrs. excellent cust. service 24/7. From UK, check out Starling Bank
  2. research banks in your country that issue a debit card with no foreign trans. fees, no ATM fees worldwide They're out there. For USA it's Schwab. Been with them for 30+ yrs.
  3. @DisenfranchisedUS: Medicare (pt.a) is free if age 65 . Pt. b is not free and not compulsory, you can opt out and if you are a permanent expat you should do so- won't do you any good outside the US.
  4. I thought the original arrival of 1.5m a couple weeks ago came with the request that an allotment be set aside for foreigners regardless of age. Another 1 m doses was promised. It's been awhile; what's happening?
  5. whew, that was close. case numbers down, looks like we may be out of the woods!
  6. well, wire it from overseas china ffs dont forget they must enter the FTT code in your bank book
  7. I'm here and staying but if I was abroad thinking about a Thai holiday? not a chance- over the top way too f'n hard. risk/reward is way off as well
  8. you may have or soon will get an email allowing you to register if, earlier, you received the "email already taken" message
  9. same same- tried 4 email addresses on 3 computers, 2 search engines. message: "this email already taken." fail.
  10. that birthday boy in the white uniform is one handsome man!
  11. wonder how the foreign residents (not living in bangkok) who meet the criteria will be notified?
  12. that's just the breaking in RIP offs. It really kicks in high gear once you arrive.☹
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