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  1. Of course he is! You don’t see him wearing his doctors coast? Even before the easing of restrictions he met with the appropriate experts on how to re-open safely such as the executives of various restaurant groups! He’s also head of Public Health! So that makes him a leading expert in medical field. Come on man this is Thailand
  2. This statement usually preceded punishment. It’s something you say when you’re tired and about to hit your child for misbehaving
  3. So no more liberal young millennials begging for money on the streets??? I support this 110%
  4. So was it OK for America to fight in WW2 even though it was Japan that attacked America first, but the Us chose the European theater as priority? Nazi Germany didn’t attack us so by your logic then it was wrong for the US to save Europe from Germany. So was it okay for Bush senior to push Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait? By your logic he shouldn’t have because the US had no relation to Kuwait. So was it okay to go into Korea to stop the North Korean advance into South Korea? Because by your logic it was not okay since the US had no relations with South Korea. Your argument doesn’t hold water. You don’t need to experience something to have an opinion on it. You don’t have to serve in was to have a position. I don’t buy that reasoning at all. It’s lazy and it’s only meant to deprive people of their right to speak out.
  5. You guys made because Trump made you contribute 2% of your GDP to defense funds. How does that make NATO a disaster? How does allowing Russia to built a pipeline with direct access to Western Europe strengthen Europe? Did NATO call any of Trumps foreign policy decisions the “Biggest debacles since NATOs funding” or was that someone else? Did NATO allies had to rush into Afghanistan to withdraw their own citizens happen under Trump or under some other guy? Maybe you guys can protect yourselves from now on. Let other European nations save you guys from Germany committing mass genocide. We’ll sit the next one out i when Trump is in office. You don’t have to serve to form an opinion. That’s plain ridiculous. That’s like saying Americans shouldn’t have gone into WW2 because no Germans had imprisoned American Jews. Please do better next time. Okay how many wars did Trump drag NATO or European allies into? Afghanistan? That was Bush Iraq? That was Bush too Syria? That was Biden Libya? That was Biden too
  6. Like Afghanistan? Like Afghanistan? Hence the biggest foreign policy debacle since NATOs founding, UK Parliaments vote of contempt? Like abandoning allies and civilians? You know the one who did this right? Joe Biden. I don’t remember Afghanistan falling last year or NATO saying something along the lines of foreign policy disaster nor a vote of contempt! Then how did he get a peace deal with Muslim nations and Israel? Strange. I don’t remember Trump starting any wars like Syria and Libya. That whole mass migration didn’t even start under Trump. It started under Biden and his disastrous policies to make war in Syria and Libya. Did the missiles launch under Trump or under Biden. Seemed okay last year. Now? You actually believe the Iran Nuclear Deal would stop a terrorist nation from developing a nuclear weapon? How can it stop Iran, when Americans weren’t even allowed to inspect ALL suspected sites, only the ones Iran chose inspectors to see. How can it stop Iran from making a nuclear weapon after the deal expires? It just postponed it at best but puts development underground at worst. At least Trump sanctioned anyone and everyone associated with Iran’s nuclear weapons program. He assassinated top Iranian leaders and helped Israel assassinate nuclear scientists. He even went after European benefactors, anything at all costs to stop their nuclear weapons program. And it worked! Bidens plan is to send unmarked currency into Iran as a bribe. Excuse me? He sanctioned anyone and everyone associated with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany. Allowing it to be built would destabilize Eastern Europe. For such a friend Trump stopped his friend from getting crazy rich. Trump also built new military bases in Eastern Europe to counter Russia. But guess who allowed Nord Stream 2 to get built? Joe Biden. Biden seems more of a friend that Trump. Bidens son did receive millions of dollars from the mayor of Moscow. Uh??? Trump sent anti-tank missiles and actual deadly weapons to Ukraine to fight the Russians. What did Biden send? Canned food and sleeping bags. How did he de-stabilize NATO? By making them pay more for their defense! Oh no Germany has to pay more cash to defend themselves. Having European countries to cough up the agreed amount of 2% GDP DOES NOT destabilize NATO. Biden helped start 2 wars: Libya and Syria Bush helped start 2 wars: Iraq and Afghanistan Trump helped start ZERO wars! Is it possible for you to have a civil discussion without resorting to ad hominems? This isn’t TV bro. Strange. The Taliban didn’t rule Afghanistan last year. Pretty sure ISIS was defeated under Trump. Several peace deals were secured in the Middle East along with Israel. Meaning he helped unite the Middle East against Iran. China didn’t make any steps toward Taiwan. Record low unemployment in the US for blacks and whites. Compare to now? And it’s only 9 months.
  7. Strange are these cruise missiles fired during Trumps term or Bidens term. That’s the difference. Strange I’m pretty sure Trump took out Iran’s “austere religious scholar who enjoyed poetry” who happened to be the mastermind behind the West’s suffering of Islamic terrorist attacks especially on US’ soldiers. Trump was right to pull out the Iran Nuclear deal! For starters only Iranians were allowed to inspect the nuclear sites of their choosing. And after the deal expired they were able to produce a nuclear weapon. Biden literally let a Terrorist sponsoring state to develop nuclear technology. I’m no foreign policy expert but that’s just dumb. You’re blaming a guy who was in office for 4 years but not blaming the guy who was in politics for 50 years? Come on man! Iran developed their nuclear program because Obama let them do it with his disastrous Iran Nuclear deal. At least Trump took out their terrorist commander, sanctioned anyone and everyone associated with Iran’s nuclear program and helped Israel assassinated Iranian nuclear scientist. What was Biden’s plan? Oh yea to bribe the Iranian government with pallets of unmarked currency flown into the dead of night. Now that sounds so familiar! Like the Taliban opening pallets of cash like Pokémon cards a month ago! Ad Hominem. Usually used by people who have nothing of value to add to the conversation. Trump brought back our war dead. Biden couldn’t even bring back the living from Afghanistan. At least Trump tempered North Korea what is Bidens plan now? Easy nothing. For such a weak Resident that even our own allies DO NOT trust. If Japan trusted the US they wouldn’t have to re-arm their islands, pursue aircraft carriers or try to amend their anti-war constitution. Since Biden is in office, they’re seriously considering it. If Biden is willing to abandon allies in Afghanistan, why wouldn’t he abandon allies again in Asia?
  8. That’s strange. Did these ballistic cruise missiles launch while Trump was in office or did it happen while Biden is in office?? At least Trump got our war dead out of North Korea while Biden abandoned the living ones in Afghanistan. Not the first time Biden left people behind. He did leave an American ambassador and his security detail to die in Benghazi. Last I checked it was Biden who told our SE Asian allies to withdraw when they first confronted the Chinese in the South China Sea. He told our allies if they withdrew their navies the Chinese would do the same. Except when our allies left, the Chinese remained and ended up fortifying artificial islands. Last I checked it was Bill Clinton who gave the Chinese nuclear-resistant microchips which eventually helped develop their space program. Strange. I don’t remember NATO ever saying that Trumps foreign policy is the “Biggest foreign policy debacle since NATOs founding” Now who did they said that to??? I wonder! At least Trump strengthened NATO by having member states pay up to their agreed amounts of 2% GDP which Bush and Obama praised Trump for doing. But somehow more money for NATO makes NATO less safe somehow!?! Also strange I don’t remember the UK Parliament voting in contempt a sitting US president in modern history. Only one US Resident owns that title, Joe!
  9. On a sidenote looks like BP changed the original headline from: Obstacles mar TAT's Middle East Crusade
  10. This has to be the perfect Pumpkin Pie I’ve made. And learned how to make Kare-Kare (a Filipino dish)!
  11. Sons school boosted tuition prices and on-line learning was plain terrible. For the cost of his tuition and what he got was a terrible deal. Rather than teach 30 students the teacher just showed a pre-recorded video to all students of his grade level, so about 200+ were watching at the same time. This wasn’t a college class it’s just a bunch of kids, so of course he barely got anything out of it.
  12. Looks like you can fly back to the US for a short vacation, grab a JJ vaccine and fly back home to Thailand without the extra $1K ASQ.
  13. My factory mainly employed 95% girls. All of the pregnant employees rejected to get vaccinated thru the company program. 50% of the workforce are fully vaccinated with Sinovac while around 45% are vaccinated with one dose Sinovac pending AZ. The remaining 5% are mainly pregnant women, foreigners who aren’t allowed to get vaccinated or vaccine hesitant types. On a sidenote: since the strict restrictions from April the company only had 4 people with confirmed Covid. But after the September “re-opening” we found over 40 employees infected with Covid. Confirmed via both ATK and PCR testing.
  14. Whoa most Thai girls I’ve seen dont have titties like tittiporn. So this girl must have been especially busty. id smash no beers
  15. And what does funding have to do with it??? Anthony Fauci directed funds to Eco Health in order to fund the Wuhan Lab prior to the Covid-19. Even Wuhan Labs Gain of Function research thanked Fauci’s NIH for funding their research. Hell even Fauci, according to The Intercept, helped finance the Wuhan Labs construction. Funding means nothing.
  16. So he was identified by the way he walked and not his face?!? I’m guessing He walked into the supermarket with a ski mask on? If so, I’m pretty sure that’s a huge red flag and he’s going to rob the gold store. And nobody stopped him??
  17. Yea that was an older article here’s a more recent one (although not WHO) from The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/sep/01/australian-health-authorities-warn-against-mixing-covid-vaccine-types Australian health authorities warn against mixing Covid vaccine types The announcements have led to hope from some of those in Victoria and New South Wales awaiting second-dose AstraZeneca appointments that they might be able to receive Pfizer instead. However, vaccination hubs and GPs in Australia do not yet allow this, aside from in exceptional circumstances. The head of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) Dr Omar Khorshid said “there’s definitely people vaccinated with AstraZeneca interested in getting Pfizer as a second dose, but that really doesn’t make any sense”. “The majority of the small risk of TTS is associated with the first dose, and in addition vaccination with AstraZeneca may also provide better longer term protection than Pfizer,” he said. “For those who have had their first dose of AstraZeneca it’s a no-brainer to have the second. It’s a fantastic vaccine with excellent efficacy and safety. The studies on mixing vaccines are much smaller.” The head of the Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Dr Karen Price said GPs were having a lot of discussions with patients about mixed-dosing. “Our advice is mixed dosing is not approved in Australia and we are proceeding as per Atagi guidelines,” she said. “I am not quite sure what people are concerned about given recent studies on AstraZeneca showing good results, and the second dose is linked with hardly any TTS.” Well If science does in fact confirm that Pfizer + AZ is truly effective then it should be policy Also they should really change the Reuter Headline, I didn’t realize we were quoting the same one! Mixing is not safe! Then towards the end a preliminary study showing mixing might be okay.
  18. Nothing wrong with changes with policy. It was believed that human transmissibility was an impossibility for the first 3 months of the pandemic but based on further research it was in fact happening in China. Sinovac may have been effective against Covid, hence it was granted EUA by the WHO and widely used in SE Asia, notably Indonesia but with the advent of Delta (which probably nobody saw coming) forced the change to seek better vaccines or in some cases mix and match. In regards to AZ, policies were changed so that it would be recommended for people over 60 due to prevalence of blood clots for people under that age. If Pfizer + AZ is effective so be it. We should change policy to make it more widespread among the public. Nothing wrong with changes. Change is a good thing. It means we’re getting better. Let’s welcome change. Change we can believe in!
  19. Pretty sure I’m close WHO warns individuals against mixing and matching COVID vaccines The World Health Organization's chief scientist has advised individualsagainst mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines from different manufacturers. "It's a little bit of a dangerous trend here," Soumya Swaminathan told an online briefing on Monday after a question about booster shots. "It will be a chaotic situation in countries if citizens start deciding when and who will be taking a second, a third and a fourth dose." Swaminathan had called mixing a "data-free zone https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/who-warns-against-mixing-matching-covid-vaccines-2021-07-12/
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