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  1. A lot of stuff you need to be physically present in the bank to do: get your renewed debit or credit card (they don’t automatically mail it to you), get your annual banking statements for FBAR, change atm limits
  2. Oh really so your false equivalence carries more weight? Surely there are numerous long term studies that proves the safety of recurring tetanus shots or flu shots! By all means go ahead and take your 4th and 6th shot and make sure you mix and match the vaccines too Do you have the long term studies for Covid Jabs? I’m waiting
  3. Do you have the long term studies stating that multiple jabs or mixing multiple jabs is safe?
  4. Old people die from Covid. This thing came from CHYNA No the tyrants do this. Hence all of my fellow Patriots fighting against tyranny And lockdowns helped? You can enjoy your lockdown. Stay home all day but leave the rest of us out of it. And when my brothers and sisters can bathe in the Grace of freedom we know it was because of the few brave Patriots who led the charge. By all means wallow at home and look out the window.
  5. Source: https://mgronline.com/onlinesection/detail/9640000092832 Personally not a fan of her vids that leaked through. Those other girls’ physical establishments “were allowed” because part of the cash flowed out to “protection department”
  6. Foreign aid is a con job. I remember the US sent foreign aid to Pakistan for gender equality! The very same country that just last week saw a violent mob shoot up a minority village! Even last years US Covid Relied Bill included foreign aid to Burma. 2 weeks later there was a military coup there.
  7. But there is a pro-democracy protests which is akin to what those brave Patriots in other countries are doing. They’re all fighting for freedom in their own ways
  8. Well not necessarily all white people. I like the ones with a certain standard Preferably young, slim, female and busty. But let’s be honest (and I know it’s a sidetrack) if I go back to the US, those types won’t give me the time of day or even a look. Now here in Thailand, the Land of Smiles… Let’s just say I feel young again and like a king sometimes! I’m married.
  9. My argument is why are they protesting and not with the methods they are using. If I recall, not sure if it was you or another poster, who said they were fighting for vaccines and not for democracy. To review I was equating protesting against tyranny are evident in both protests: western and Thai and not necessarily only about vaccines only in Thailand.
  10. Exactly! No I respectfully disagree. You’re conflating desires for democracy with desires for vaccines. If you throw that symbol up nobody is going to think you want vaccines. They’re going to think you want democrat. The fact that the symbol precedes the desire vaccines proves that. What is the primary goal, the main reason to remove the prime minister? Is it (a) vaccines or (b) restore democracy from an illegal coup. It’s B No. There’s a reason why they wear red. I won’t say it here because it will run afoul with Thai laws but it’s considered opposite of a certain color. Exactly! So where does the vaccine fit in? The duck also preceded the vaccine. It’s main purpose I won’t say here since I don’t want run afoul with certain thai laws. Is the primary goal democracy or is the secondary goal vaccines? And they fought for democracy the same goal as the pro-democracy protestors. Thank you being civil. I appreciate it. This is why I love Thaiger, nobody has called me a Nazi or a Racist yet.
  11. The only politicians on record doubting the efficacy of vaccines is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2021/09/14/biden_has_never_been_honest_about_the_trump_vaccines_146397.html The ones who are not vaccinated, in the US are blacks and LatinX. Hardly Trump supporters.
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