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  1. finish your sentence. reduce the spread of Covid because reasons.................
  2. definitely a bb pellet. Seen a few, had it been a real bullet the glass may not be there.
  3. This is exactly what happened to me at pattaya burger king beach road, soi 13. I looked at the restaurant worker and was told I had to order grab. I told them take a hike and left. Some of the things the government dreams up are beyond ridiculous. Thailand may bounce back in several years, i hope. Never mind that the grab drivers are the worst traffic offenders I have seen. running red lights by going on the opposite side of road, driving down sidewalks to mention a few,
  4. I agree with most of the posts. He dropped the ball by not telling the truth and leading people on. The worst is saying there were adequate vaccines when he knew there wasn't. TELL THE TRUTH. resign and say good bye
  5. To little to late, by the way thanks for the announcement in advance, gives people time to cross and spread more virus. ANNOUNCE A LOCK DOWN AFTER IT IS LOCKED DOWN. They will never understand.
  6. Its in gods hands, ridiculous, this has been in the governments hands and strongly mismanaged. The excuses are everywhere, who takes responsibility?
  7. I guess that the Island is not part of Thailand and does not not have to adhere to emergency decree orders. a little levity. I saw pictures of a packed venue, no masks and alcohol on the tables. What were the patrons thinking, they weren't, time to pay the price. A person commented on another venue that you dont see foreigners getting the virus only thai people. Maybe the news should differentiate between foreigners and thai people the infection rates.
  8. This is how the girls make a living, your in thailand remember that. Mrstretch was right after quarantine Take your toys and go home.
  9. Drug dealers have no respect and the deterrent is not strong. Execute a few dealers and see that crime go down. Firing squad no choice of lethal injection..... is that to harsh? Ask the people of loved ones that over dosed.
  10. conspiracy theory's everywhere. On the bright side the flu no longer exists. I'm vaccinated but wear a mask for social responsibility, why not others do the same, So many mask less people and around police boxes, I dont understand.... wait yes I do LACK OF RESPECT
  11. No the truck is not over loaded. Did i see backed up, if so we all back up on major roads. Normal in this country. Normal is 4 cows and a small one in a pick up, 18 pigs in a mini truck, 5 workers on top of a truck loaded over 14 feet as I got pulled over for a mattress sticking 1 foot over the edge of the truck, love this country
  12. get caught and the fine is hefty 18.000 plus baht, on the spot or over 30.000 if having to go to police station. Is it worth it?
  13. Rapid antigen tests not allowed when you come to Thailand. I had to have a pcr test because they are more accurate. Thailand always taking a short cut look where that has gotten them today, how is that working for them?
  14. many governments other than thai government are also complicit. How does he get in and out of these countries? simple "privileged" will not be brought to justice. If you think he will, you have not been in thailand long enough!
  15. If the government hadn't been looted they would have the money. Follow the news and you know what Im talking about
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