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  1. For once in my life.... Words fail me. Only thing i will say is..... I cannot find my shoes, can you help?
  2. Here we go again another hairy fairy totally waste of time, fantastic none starter of a scheme. When are those clowns going to come up with a useful sensible idea, instead of all this hairy fairy nonsense?
  3. When i read a senior policeman saying.... A fact finding probe is underway, i immediately think, whitewash time, any probe into this incident will clearly blame anybody but the driver. Heres a thought how do you know when a senior policeman is not being truthful? Simple answer his lips are moving.
  4. Just spoken with my wife.... Yes i do speak to her sometimes, ha,ha. She has been told children will be given the Pfizer vaccine, now all the children at my wifes school are under 12. The outcome should be interesting.
  5. Food Panda driver must be some kind of loony, 99 per cent of men would be very happy seeing a woman not wearing a bra.
  6. Gummy there is no such publication in the UK, i checked it out, where did you get that info from?
  7. When i saw the headline, i thought it was Thai visa rots your brain.
  8. Well theres an idea for me, next time wife gets out of order, off i will go to climb our local mast. Only 2 things stopping me, first, i dont drink, second, my damned legs dont work.
  9. As Gummy says clearly you are not disabled, just a smart a##e. Now you are being clever, but clearly not read posts further back in this thread, or if you had read them, you would not keep making stupid / offensive remarks, grow up.
  10. Silly a##e we have cctv, have spotlights, have dogs, and still have problems with people trying to steal. So in fact it is you making ridiculous statements, next time know your facts, make sure you are correct, before making yourself look stupid.
  11. Gummy, Gummy, behave yourself, gawd if anybody should be writing 300 lines, it should be yourself.
  12. The above post in my humble opinion is the number one post of the week. Very well put and very accurate, dogs are fantastic support animals. My dogs certainly help me get through the day, sitting here alone every day with only my computer, and my dogs. Now all you dog haters, please note Bluesofa was here, came in 1 piece, left in 1 piece, yes when he arrived at the gate, the dogs barked, but when they realized he was a welcome visitor, they stopped.
  13. Yes i do need and enjoy the power of my canine guards, if you knew my situation, you would possibly understand. As a paraplegic unable to move unless in my chair, live here with only my wife, who sometimes is away over night with her job, which means i am stuck on my bed alone. Now one time my wife was away over night, we had an intruder, who was trying the doors on our pickup, trying the kitchen door, storeroom door. I only had 1 dog then, and the bar steward kicked my dog hard, she was only 7 months old at the time. I called the police, was told not worry police come now, ha, that was nearly 3 years ago, still waiting for the police to turn up. So yes my dogs are there as protection for me, and they do a damned good job of it.
  14. You are surely living in cloud cuckoo land, dogs do not increase your level of protection, boll##cks.
  15. What a load of rubbish, surrounded by dogs, no benefit, you sure about that? Please come visit me, then i can prove you wrong, lift your hand near me in my wheelchair, that is if you would dare, you would need hospital treatment afterwards. I only started keeping dogs here after a neighbour was murdered 3 years ago, would not be without them now, fantastic security. As i am typing this my male dog is lying just behind my chair, if anybody tried to touch me.... Wham, dog got him.
  16. It is possible, i have 1 dog that used to bark at night, at other dogs outside our gate, or people walking past. Now i bought a muzzle, she got the muzzle on every night for a few months, now no muzzle, no barking. If my dogs bark at night, that means danger, somebody up to no good, as recently happened, dogs kicked off, who ever was outside left, next morning wife gets a phone call, her uncles home about 120 meters away, had a few items stolen, they have no dogs, no lights, no security.
  17. An Indian night club owner just increased the fire insurance on his club, a month later whoosh its gone up in flames. Firemen are saying blaze probably started with a gas canister exploding, huh, gas canister suddenly exploding, bo##ocks.
  18. Agree with you 100 per cent mate, my dogs are kept inside a secure 2mtr high fence, never allowed outside. Regarding safety for people, my dogs are chained if/ when anybody comes inside, as 1 of them will bite. The male dog i have will not allow anybody, other than my wife near my wheelchair, he is guarding me. Bloody sickening seeing dogs running lose around the village, some owners here never bother to feed their dogs, leave them to find food where ever they can.
  19. What the hell are the brainless plod thinking? Arresting food vendors, minors, taxi drivers, bloody stupid, but shows shows the loony brigade in government are running scared, basically terrorizing anybody/ everybody that just happens to be in the wrong place, sickening, yet another sad situation for Thailand.
  20. There are a few sickos posting on this thread, say what you want i would rather have my dogs around me, than humans, Yes dog haters make me laugh, nothing better than a good loyal/ faithful dog, damned sight better than a lot of humans. Come on down you haters, my dogs would love to have a chunk out of your legs.
  21. Clearly the people who saw the dogs foaming at the mouth, had no idea how to help the poor dogs. As HolycowCm says i had the same problem on more than 1 occasion. When seeing a dog in that situation, get salt/ water, or baking soda/ water, i use a BIG syringe, get the dog force the solution down the dogs throat, dog will throw up, dog will then lie down for 2/3 hours, then slowly regain its strength. Before anybody starts, yes it does work, i have saved my dogs on 3 different occasions
  22. Very confusing, retirement is 800.000 baht regardless that you are married to a Thai. If you only require half of the money, that would be a marriage extension, not retirement.
  23. Before you ridicule any more people want to see a moron? Have you got a mirror.
  24. If what you say is correct, somebody is taking the P, it has just appeared on a news post on Facebook.
  25. Sadly Trigger has passed away @ sixty nine. He was a star when in Only fools and horses, R.I.P.
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