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  1. You make an excellent point @Marc26 I often criticise people who come to my country from places like Syria and Afghanistan and want to turn my country in to the place they ran away from. There is however a big difference in that the comments made on this forum mostly aim to improve the country and not drag it back to the dark ages and stoning women for daring to go out without a chaperone. I don’t want Thailand to be like my own country with its excessive hand out for social care, it’s overly restrictive parking laws or it’s limited opening hours and attitudes to enjoying living. I like Thailand for its natural beauty, it’s fantastic food, the fun loving people and for most of the time it’s warmer and drier weather than at home. My only hope is to see Thailand change in a way that improves the lives of its own people. I don’t need social care or support. I don’t need better flood protection. I don’t really feel the affects of police corruption. It doesn’t affect me if my kids don’t get a decent education or if they do, they still can’t get a decent job as I don’t have the money to bribe the boss. These are some of the things I would like Thailand to change. If I had to change just one thing and one thing only in Thailand it would be Corruption. Just Ef’In stop it will you. All of you stop this cancer destroying each and every generation. I can live with the paperwork, the people double parking. The noise from a bar or concert late in to the night and even the Soi Dogs! Corruption is such a terrible thing to have in any society. It totally and utterly destroys dreams and lives. But please, do not make day-to-day life in Thailand anything like the U.K!
  2. Predictions please? I‘ll go for bail pending trial and he will either skip the country, or it will get embroiled in all kinds of legal arguments in the hope of it going away or new evidence emerges. It’s an open and closed case given the evidence. Hold him in Jail. Set a trail date in March. Try him and lock him up for 20 years. Let Mr Prayut announce the details of the trails and state that “ No matter who you are or what rank or position you hold in Thai society, no one is above our laws”. He can always cross his fingers behind his back and practice saying it with a straight face
  3. Yes of course. I forgot about that. The Bangkok prices still seem overly high, though that could be due to transport costs and additional cleaning costs for a one night stay?
  4. But mate, the comments being made aren’t whining. This is a forum about what is going on in Thailand. It isn’t meant to balance what goes on here with what another country is doing. For example: The US hasn’t stated it wants to attract 25% of its 2019 tourist numbers but still generate 50% of its 2019 revenues, Thailand has. This will attract criticism as its an arbitrary target. It’s just wind in the air with little or no thought or planning. Meaningless without the how to achieve. As this is a Thai focused forum then people pass comment on it. If it was a US forum then there would be critical, pessimistic, and negative comments around what the US government is doing and planing. I read the articles relating to my own country and I shake my head in the stupidity of what I read. 7% increase in minimum wage but not expecting inflation to rise. Are you completely out of your mind? How are you going to achieve that? Explain how that works in practice? Why should small companies shoulder this cost? Etc etc. This is commenting on Thai news and hence it draws these kind of comments. I for one have never claimed my country or any is perfect. However, by almost any metric (apart from temperature) Thailand lags behind its development compared to the home country of many members on here. They naturally see a path and a way in which Thailand can improve and improve the lives of local people. We will naturally comment based on knowing better and seeing first hand how to improve things like road safety, reducing corruption, what tourists want and how to attract them, reduction in bureaucracy, social care, education standards etc. I hope that explains where I’m coming from and why people are not whining but simply commenting, giving opinions and from time to time having a dig or plain taking the P**s at the lack of direction leaders take. All I ask on this forum is people to adhere to the guidelines and treat people with respect and how you would if you were face to face. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.
  5. Yes, this is what I noticed. The Phuket Sandbox prices were amazing value. The figures I quoted came from a link a member posted for SHA+ hotels in Bangkok for 1 night. As you say, hopefully they will reduce in the coming days?…
  6. It’s a fair question @Jamey27 and I’ll explain my position on this. First of all I’m not in abject fear. I personally have little to fear and never really did. I’m not in the high age group and fit and healthy. Im fully vaccinated and protect myself with basic controls such as keeping out of busy enclosed places and wearing a mask on public transport. Due to the nature of Covid, where you can be contagious but not know it, unfortunately this means I do test myself before visiting my elderly parents. However, I do have many friends, some elderly with underlying health conditions in Thailand I would not wish to see die 10 or more years too early. Thailand is getting to a position where it can and should open but it’s not there yet. It’s population is only 35% fully vaccinated and many with Sinovac which is not so great with the Delta variant. When Thailand had zero Covid it made sense to protect the Thai people in tourist areas from incoming foreigners. Now the risk is endemic in the population. As such, any increased movement of people around the country simply give the virus the opportunity to spread. In my home country of the U.K. the population is now 85% vaccinated and have started a booster program as the elderly people who were vaccinated more than six months ago are finding their protection is falling. Back in August the country was about 65%-70% fully vaccinated and took the decision to fully open. Over the past two months we have seen what fully opening does to a population where 65%-70% is fully vaccinated. That’s twice Thailand’s current rate by the way. We have seen case numbers rise from 1,000 a day to 50,000. Deaths rose from 5 a day to 150 a day. I would not wish that to happen to Thailand. It’s clear that activities like bars, restaurants and especially nightclubs and enclosed bars are the big problem areas. While many such venues in Thailand are outside bars and restaurants; which is a massive help, too many nightclubs, massage parlours, Ago-go bars aren’t. Schools incidentally are also a massive problem as nearly all kids don’t have the vaccine and can carry the virus home to multi-generation households in Thailand. All that said, I do think the outdoor living, the open air bars and restaurants and the hotter weather, all work in Thailand’s favour. People travelling on tour boats, sitting on the beach and using swimming pools is very low risk I fully appreciate the need to get things moving and it has always been a balance of economy and healthcare. For me, this just all feels about 2-3 months too soon. It’s just a pity that the vaccination didn’t start 2-3 months earlier and then things would feel a lot safer. The worse thing that could possibly happen to the Thai people and the economy, is to open up and then have massive Covid clusters in tourist areas (both Thai and foreign areas I mean) and then have to reimpose restrictions. That would kill people and kill the economy. Believe me when I say this is not fear. This is experience the world has gained over the past two years nearly. I’m not aware of any country that has fully opened with 35% fully vaccinated and high percentage with Sinovac. I’m also not aware of any country that has fully opened up and not seen an increase in cases, even with very high rates of vaccination. The only country that seems to be confusing the hell out of people is India. There is clearly something significant going on there?? If I was making the decisions, and I’m glad I’m not, I would do the following: Open the country but significantly restrict numbers allowed in indoor restaurants and massage parlours etc. No indoor bars or nightclubs should be allowed to open at this time. Vaccinate as quick as possible. Cut the paperwork for approvals etc and get doing 1 million a day or more. Prepare for an increase in case numbers, hospitalisations and deaths. And finally, Pray!
  7. Yes I don’t understand these guys who moan about comments and see it as bashing. It’s not the country or the ordinary people, it’s the loonies in charge who get the sharp end of the comments. Can you imagine the forum if we all wandered around with the rose tinted glasses on Number of posts each day - 2 Example of acceptable posts: Soidog says - Oh fantastic news. A new and improved COE system. That is a great idea. Shame though as I loved the COE. So simple and easy. Benroon says - So good to see the government handing out 500 baht a month to people. It is so so generous of the government to use their own money in such a way. Long live our great kind hearted generous leaders. Soidog says - I simply don’t believe the number of Covid cases being reported. I think once again the government are simply being to self critical in their amazing handling of this pandemic. I’m sure they are just inflating numbers by 300%-500% to show how humble they are and not embarrass the rest of the inferior world.
  8. Simpletons language . Spot on remarks mate though I fear you are wasting your time. You have more stamina dealing with this doltish airhead than most.
  9. You have a good one there mate. She travels light compared to some
  10. Now that defiantly wins Post Of The Day. Succinct, 100% accurate and totally representative of what many are feeling. Well said @Benroon Give this a thumbs up
  11. No name given as to who wrote this article. All rather sad, delusional or overly optimistic at best. Have they heard of the global pandemic the world is still dealing with?
  12. Oh ok thank you. I think @Faz will be aware of where and how to complete the COE. He is a major contributor to all things Visa’s and immigration. I think he may have been requesting information on the 9th of Nov comments. Forgive me if I’m wrong Faz?
  13. Sorry I didn’t spot where it says still can be used up to 9th November. Was it in the video? Thanks.
  14. All in the price I guess. I checked out some places and saw 1 night was typically 4,000-6,000 for a decent place. I’m assuming that includes transport from airport and meals or meal? Many of these hotels were previously 2,000-4,000 prior to the arrangements for a one night quarantine stay so I assume the extra cost is for the food and transport. Possibly just the transport? I’m sure things will settle down and become clearer in the next week to 10 days….
  15. I agree with you that the risk of it being imported by a vaccinated foreigner tested twice before release does significantly reduce the chances of infection. I may have misread the article, but did I see that you will also have to take an ATK on day 6 also? If not, then I guess there is a risk, albeit a small one. You could contract the virus at the departing or transiting airport and not test positive on arrival in to Thailand.
  16. It’s the hidden aspect and the fact you may not even know you are carrying it that scares (bothers) me. I have parents who are both in their 80’s and I feel the need to test myself before visiting them even though they have been vaccinated, as have I myself. I’m still concerned that I could be the one who passes it to them without even knowing. If I had flu or cold symptoms I would stay away and protect those around me. How can I do that with Covid if I may be totally unaware I have it.
  17. I used the term scary as a relative term to normal flu. Scary in the sense that you as an individual may be responsible for passing it to others without you even being aware. I fully support the call to get vaccinated and get on with life. Life is too short to hide behind the curtain and stay indoors. There is a way out of this and it’s vaccination. We should get on and have the jabs and get back out there.
  18. I agree. Sums the Thai education system up perfectly. Well done @Dr.Sivada
  19. @RobMuir As I have already explained. I wasn’t blaming anyone. Neither Italians, Germans or English. Blame is a game you want to play and I’m not playing. Now give it a rest.
  20. I agree, but you can’t blame your average Thai for expressing such concerns. Remember, they have been indoctrinated since birth to think as Thailand as the best place in the world and to view foreigners with fear and scepticism. Siege mentality is a great way to build team spirit. It indoctrinates the idea that you can’t blame anything Thai, it’s everyone else. In an interconnected global world, it’s easy to blame others. You can always find a thread of influence from outside. 1997 financial crash was the IMF’s fault. Street protests are outside influencers. Covid was brought in by migrant workers (wasn’t the Thais who brought them in). etc. If the decision to open early proves to cause another wave of Covid, I’m sure they will be able to find a thread that leads to a false document or a foreigner wandering out of a designated hotel awaiting a test. Not blaming someone means you have to accept you perhaps did something wrong yourself. That’s hard enough for a politician to accept in any society. In Thai society it’s impossible. The difference in Thailand is the foreigner is often the go to person to scapegoat as they rarely have an effective political opposition to blame.
  21. That is certainly true. The scary thing about Covid, which makes it so different to other virus such as flu or Ebola, is that you can be highly contagious long before you get symptoms; if you ever get symptoms. You have to stop and think about that for a minute. Normally with seasonal flu, you start feeling rough and stay at home or even take to your bed and then you become highly contagious. By its nature, you self isolate and reduce contact with others. With Covid you can feel fine or close to fine and continue going to work, going to bars and concerts, shopping and passing the virus on. Now that is a clever virus and makes it very dangerous.
  22. Im going to nick that quote. Spot on. That is a major issue in some western countries, where handouts become greater than payment of some jobs.
  23. The latest figures I can find is 30,000 on the 23rd Oct. This has been falling from around 50,000 a day since August. I think the case numbers in Thailand are not that helpful as random testing is not done in any sufficient quantities. The daily deaths reported however have also continued to fall and this is a more interesting number.
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