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  1. To receive compensation and medical care, this would need to have happened in a compassionate and progressive country. I’ll let you decide then if this is likely to happen in Thailand.
  2. That’s a great question. I wonder that about so many liberal and woke agendas that seem to be driving most western governments these days. While the Chinese are planning 10 and 20 year strategic plans, with trillions of dollars worth of infrastructure and technological developments, Western 4 year governments debate Tampon taxes and hedgehogs for months at a time. I don’t know who is setting these agendas and it’s the same for international bodies like the ICC. Basically they are being used as political tools disguised as morally upstanding institutions.
  3. I think you and anyone else who engages with this individual is not doing themselves or this forum any good. It’s not even a vaguely rational or sensible debate with him any longer. I only get to see the nonsense when others quote him. If he wants to act like a 5 year old then he should be treated as one.
  4. Exactly. The examples given by certain blinkered people are all based on your residency, not backward thinking xenophobic and nationalistic reasons. If you are British and travel to parts of London you pay a congestion charge. If you are Thai and travel to parts of London you pay a congestion charge. The same is true of all other examples. To quote NHS rules is nothing short of ignorance and attempts to inflame a sensible debate.
  5. Exactly. And that claim that it happens in Belgium means the person forgot to read the article. This is what is said - “A day tourist from Antwerp or an American traveling through Europe who comes here once? The normal rate, sorry.” Its a discriminatory charge against tourists, all tourists including Belgium national tourists. Not a charge against foreigners like in Thailand. I have no issue if a beauty spot in Phuket charges ALL tourists, Thai and non-Thai a 10% higher fee than a Phuket resident.
  6. It is indeed a shame this person has not learned to disagree without being disagreeable. I also find he can make some very valid and informative points. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do that in a civilised conversation. I’ve also had to block him just to get the background noise under control. Come on @Stonker, give the attitude a rest and let’s all get along. I for one would like to hear what you have to say, without the constant nitpicking and deliberate dissection and inane point scoring. Please.
  7. I think it depends on the context of lost. Technically he may not get the judgement he maybe hopes for. In that sense he has lost. But if he knows this already, and his real objective is to raise the profile of this discriminatory practice, then he’s already won. It’s a shame more high profile visitors don’t challenge this. Bill Gates managed to get a fair few kilometres of underground cable installed (until they lost interest) just for making a negative comment about the overhead infrastructure.
  8. I’ll pick the U.K. I’m not aware of any dual pricing. Foreigners even get in to large museums and many other attractions such as public art galleries for free. I’ve never seen a price board showing a price for British nationals and one for “Aliens”.
  9. Well that’s assuming most Thais live in and around Bangkok. What if you live in CM or Udon Thani or Khon Kaen. You can’t fly to Hua Hin but you can fly to Phuket. What I can’t understand is why the vaccination and test rules aren’t exactly the same for international and local arrivals in to the sandbox. Exactly the same.
  10. I take it you support the unelected military junta then @Poolie?
  11. You beat me to it I think we forget sarcasm is not understood by everyone
  12. Well, in any developed society, yes you would expect that. It’s called honesty! I think that was the point about @Griff1315 comment. Maybe it was lost in translation. The point as you rightly state is that is was brought in from outside. Again that was the point being made. How did the authorities allow this to happen. Surely they test prison officers (most likely not!). Surely they keep visitors segregated or stopped from visiting (most likely not!). Surely they would announce actual figures for inmates and prison officials (as you say, saving face so most likely not!).
  13. Agreed. If mobile phones and bags of drugs can get in then Covid can. Last time I checked a Mobile phone was much bigger than the Covid virus
  14. I’m confused by it all now. You get your head around it and then someone makes another comment and then it is sometimes overturned. Is there a central website where these things are officially published?
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