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  1. Can’t blame them. They already know November will be a trickle at best. Makes sense to not spend a bunch of money to open now and wait for tourists that are a month or two away.
  2. It’s a figure of speech, nothing more. My point being it’s sad they repeatedly can’t seem to get rules set in time for their own plans. As for the rest of your rant, not really sure why you felt the need. I wasn’t making a point about the need to open. Hope to made you feel better all the same.
  3. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. How many people here have said the same things for months now. They need to set and publish the rules now. As a traveler I can’t plan what I don’t know. Personally I have some time since I’m not coming until after Christmas. However I still need to be buying flights and reserving rooms by mid November at the latest. People who want to come in November should have made plans already. Thailand has already lost most of their numbers for November.
  4. Which is why it’s probably wise to wait till December to return. It’s inevitable there will be issues to be ironed out and Thailand does seem to make changes right up to reopen day. Heck I’m not even going to by my plane ticket until a week or two into November just for that reason.
  5. The COE is a perfect example. I just visited the website for the LA and NYC embassies, they don't have one yet for the new program (fully expected but the point remains). They still only offer the ASQ and the Phuket/Samui COEs. Never mind the time to apply and process, but how do they expect me to show up Nov. 1 if I can't even begin planning a trip with two weeks to go? Never mind most people traveling in November already have reservations to somewhere else. It's the same issue they had when opening Phuket and why the numbers for the first month sucked. I'm going to visit, but I can't plan what I don't know. That's why I'm looking at the end of December instead.
  6. The numbers are going to be anemic for most of November, just as we saw the first month of the Phuket sandbox. Besides the fact the alcohol will still be banned, and bars and entertainment businesses still closed (meaning most people will wait till December). The real reason is you can't yet plan to visit as the details are still not known. Two weeks to go and they expect tourists to turn on a dime and fly off to Thailand. The projections for 2022, and particularly 2023 are probably a bit high. Until traveling is as easy as it was in 2019, the numbers might never get back to the way they were before.
  7. Clearly they have no intention of postponing the opening come November 1.
  8. I thought it was already proven the vast majority of transmission was from locals and not tourists? Yet once again the government wants to make it easy for locals to visit than tourists. At the least they could make it the same for both groups.
  9. I’ve heard that before, right before they opened Phuket. Never happen, probably won’t this time either.
  10. The smaller one is called a scooter, the larger a motorcycle. Problem solved 5555.
  11. “Once they receive a negative result, they would be free to travel wherever they like.” - basically the entire country is open. Don’t see a reason to go before December 1st, but that’s just me.
  12. The devil is in the details, and I want to know those before buying plane fair. Promising for sure, and even works with my timeline of returning right after Christmas. However I want to see what areas are opening, what restrictions will be in place and when the nightlife will reopen. I don't mind doing seven days in Phuket for a three week holiday. However if I can start in Pattaya or Bangkok first it certainly makes putting up with other requirements more palatable.
  13. Exactly. In a surging market, you increase prices not give discounts. I still don't think residential property is a good long term investment in Thailand. Demographics will kill the market at some point. However if you think you can time the market (good luck), or it's your home and the last one you will every buy. Then it works.
  14. If it’s anything like the Phuket sandbox, you will find out a week after opening day. Personally I’d still wait until December or January.
  15. If you are going to make up a story, it good to include a missing large sum of money.
  16. “gross domestic product will grow by only 1% this year” that’s not even a dead cat bounce, and it’s highly likely Thailand won’t even get that much. There is a real worry the true number is negative. Two straight years of negative growth would be devastating to the country’s poor. Thailand needs to make it as easy to visit as other parts of the world or the numbers won’t return.
  17. “sustainable and eco-friendly tourism “ - problem is that type of tourism is already a mature business around the world. worse yet it’s a boutique business model. TAT is swimming upstream with this idea. Good luck with that.
  18. That works for me, I’ve always liked Singapore. Hopefully Thailand moves in that direction too, just requiring a single test and no other restrictions for vaccinated tourists.
  19. It’s a rhetorical question. Doesn’t matter as long as he didn’t know the guy was showing up. Discourteous? Coming from you that’s a compliment.
  20. Apparently is about as close to fact as the Swiss guys claims. Who invited him, the wife? Are we to assume the husband knew that? If the husband didn’t know, then to him yes he just walked in.
  21. When walking on the street, sure. Walking into a rivals house not so much. You seem to think it’s get out of an ass kicking card. Didn’t work out that way. The very fact he was armed changes the entire dynamic. That you refuse to acknowledge is amazing. when did I say that, or right I didn’t. Getting your ass kicked and being beaten to death are two very different things. Something I’m sure the Swiss guy is going to find out the hard way.
  22. well then at the very least he made a bad choice. More likely he was worried about or anticipating trouble. Again a bad choice on his part. Either way, you are in your house and a man comes in with a gun, nothing good can or did come from that. I don’t see how having a permit to carry changes the dynamic, nor the report he was nailing the guy’s wife. I would argue that last point works in the Swiss mans favor if anything.
  23. Do we know he’s licensed to carry? And if he is, why was he charged with carrying in public? Going to a mans house where you are nailing his wife is just asking for a rear end kicking. Do so while packing is just asking for bad things to happen.
  24. In reading the website in DC it appears so yes. I didn’t know that before. However it also says you can’t leave Phuket for 14 days, I thought that had changed to 7. Maybe that was just proposed at this point. Still not sure which countries this particular visa applies? What is up with the 15 day limit on it? That’s not going to work well?!?
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