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  1. Mid November works for me. However the date isn’t the controlling factor, it’s whether or not enough of the city is open to make the trip worthwhile. These are all soft rules at best, just like with Phuket. We shall wait and see.
  2. Cutting the taxes on cigars and alcohol is a sure winner when trying to get people to invest $500K in your country. Where do I sign up?
  3. Thailand still has rules that are easier for domestic travelers than international. Yet the danger is greater from those coming domestically than internationally. Regardless even when there were no requirements, domestic travel was negligible. This is still playing at the margins. Until Thailand makes it as easy to travel as other major markets and opens entertainment people are not going to come in large numbers. It’s just too easy and more attractive somewhere else.
  4. They hardly ever say when the sandbox tourist tested positive. On arrival? Day 6 or13? Two weeks after?
  5. Exactly. No doubt many will try, but it’s going to be a buyers market for quite sometime and those that discount or offer value will get the business. Even in Thailand.
  6. “Nightlife and entertainment venues lift up the local economy as holiday-makers want to go out at night, eat food, drink beer and cocktails, dance to music, relax and party. Local vendors know this and wait for the restrictions to lift and the atmosphere to return.” - interesting no one knew this when setting up the sandbox … oh wait everyone knew this. Where is sunshine pumper Bob B on the topic?
  7. Truer words were never spoken. If they are greedy, they will kill the golden goose before it can lay many eggs.
  8. They are not trying to claim the territory to begin with, and they are very clear in their purpose even if some don't like it. It's not really that hard to understand, you just have to want to understand.
  9. It won’t , but it won’t be long after. Say by the first of November. At least that’s my opinion.
  10. They might have jurisdiction to investigate that time frame, but they no longer have jurisdiction to do so from inside the Philippines. It makes a difference. They also now lack the power to punish him. Regardless the Philippine people love the guy and the majority of them support his policy. Isn't he now running for vice president of the Philippines? Think of it as when Medvedev became president of Russia and Putin became PM. Hate to say, but the guy is going to skate on this.
  11. And most tourist's don't visit Pattaya. The ones that do and are not there to monger, only do so to see what you want gone. The Chinese are a perfect example of that. They bus in the morning, visit the city, visit Walking Street and bus right out again all in the same day. You can see the line of buses leaving on 2nd road late every night. Even Thais don't visit Pattaya other than as a day or weekend trip in order to visit the bars and nightclubs (per dozens of articles on this very site). I guess you can always visit the fake floating market, or the dirty beach, how about the world class aquarium instead? I know every time I've been there, I can't tell if I'm in Pattaya or Monterey.
  12. Just means I go somewhere else instead. Be that Bangkok or Phuket or another country. Without the entertainment establishments open, there is just no reason to visit Pattaya. The other attractions are mostly lame, certainly better elsewhere in Thailand and the same goes for the beach. Pattaya’s loss will be Bangkok’s gain.
  13. How do you ban backpackers? It’s a fine enough idea but I don’t see how it’s workable. You have to drive up the cost of a trip and that means restricting supply. Tough trick to pull off for sure. You could easily kill the golden goose at the same time. undoubtedly you would hurt locals as much as anyone else.
  14. Works for me. Better to push it back, no doubt other places like Pattaya and Chiang Mai will too.
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