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  1. Don't believe a word of it, how can he quote 70% figure when at one point he didn't know how many people were residing in Pattaya, why are Thai nationals having to go to other provinces to get vaccinated because they can't get in Pattaya. Another clown that fudged the numbers so they can pretend to be ready. 555
  2. Me thinks there is a lot more to this story and for sure there are more involved, anyone checked other office staff for new Benz or any new houses with pools ? 555
  3. RTP must be getting upset as they aren't getting their usual donations in brown envelopes. Som Nam Na 555
  4. Of course the numbers are down, everyone knows that if you test less then automatically there is a drop in the positive numbers, this has been happening for weeks. Thailand are manipulating the numbers so they don't lose face come October, that's when Uncle Tu said the country would open, didn't he. 555 TIT.
  5. More corruption, more fraud, is anyone at all surprised by this, I certainly am not, the country is full of it from the top down. TIT.
  6. Yes yes, we can all see the numbers are steady or falling slightly but please post the numbers showing daily testing (I can bet they have been falling for weeks too).
  7. Well gee, that's a surprise, not. Did they seriously believe all the BS the government said, this was never meant to help small local businesses, this was only for the big boys that have connections high up in government. The only way it's going to be of benefit to small businesses is for a open wide up to tourism, international and local, otherwise forget it, same select few will get something but not everyone. TIT.
  8. Just goes to show, if you shame them enough they will get off their a**es and do something, shamed into doing the job they are well paid to do, shocking really but TIT. 555
  9. Som nam na, when you tripled the cost of staying at your quarantine detention centre's, what did you expect, I know first hand that the quality did not increase 3 fold, if it had, I would have enjoyed my stay. 555
  10. Well, well, A-Nut-In doesn't know what to do because he is not qualified to be in that position (maybe he should be in charge of waste management, although he would probably mess that up too). It's really simple, if you want to open, then open, if you are not ready to open or are too afraid then keep the country closed, the damage is already done Einstein, Thailand and the flip-flop of ideas and numbers must be the laughing stock of the world, everyone know you lot in government couldn't run a kindergarten never mind a country. TIT.
  11. Might as well disclose his bank accounts and properties at the same time, I am sure there will some dubious goings on there too. 555
  12. But it's ok, they are in free accommodation and still get a salary, so what's the issue, they are basically getting paid to do nothing, thought this was quite normal for public servants in Thailand. 555
  13. One SOP, this is a joke right, there is absolutely no way this government can come up with one system of entry that will apply, too many departments involved and too many clowns with the (I have a better idea than you attitude), the only way a single SOP can be applied is to open as it was before Covid, never mind the scamming hotels, the ridiculous high cost of PCR tests, the Apps that you can't register on or can never get to work. For the sake of the normal people of Thailand, get the vaccinating done (as it should have been done a year ago), open the country once more and get back to normal life. We all know TIT so not likely to happen any time soon.
  14. Yeah, way to much BS, how can they even think this is possible when the vaccinated rate in Pattaya is so low, they certainly are not going to be at 70% by Oct (if they claim they are it's with fudged numbers or just blatant lies).
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