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  1. I’d like to comment that I’ve been unable to find good authentic Thai food in the SF Bay Area. Especially papaya salad.
  2. The US has had terrible foreign policy since the Korean War. This withdrawal was ugly, but nonetheless i’m glad we’re finally getting the hell out of there. Now the US public needs to oppose the next bullshit war that they try to get us into. No war for Taiwan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Poland, Venezuela, Israel or anywhere else!
  3. “an average of 1.3 tons of mismanaged waste is created each year of which is 0.41 tons ends up in Thailand seas ” — maybe its more like 1.3 million tons? We seriously needs to phase out plastic waste using biodegradable alternatives.
  4. This is wonderful work that they are doing! By the way Tim, the left front tire of your ThaigerMobile looks bald and that could be dangerous in rainy conditions!
  5. I saw on another news source that the Thai government has reduced the insurance for Thai bank accounts from 5 to 1 million baht. Seems like trouble could be brewing.
  6. Yes Thailand should ban importing plastic waste. Also i think they should incinerate the plastic waste, its made from petroleum so burn it until replacements are found. Replace single use water bottles with refilleable bottles, aluminum cans and cardboard drink containers. I don’t care if it’s inconvenient.
  7. The Phuket sandbox was a good idea and it will pay off. Delta is spiking around the world and should start to drop in many places within a month. There needs to be a place like Phuket for people to use to enter Thailand for whatever reasons they have, even while Delta is hitting hard. The Sandboxers are vaccinated and PCR tested so its better than other options.
  8. This was our villa at Naka Island with views to the north
  9. I live in Kathu but I think sandboxers can do what I do from time to time. Go stay in some gorgeous resorts like The Nai Harn, Marriott Merlin Beach, Naka Island Resort. The prices are rediculously low right now! And there are very few other guests so you really get wonderful treatment.
  10. If Stephanie wants to learn Thai, she might want to try Learnthaifromawhiteguy.com its very helpful, I’ve used his service Cheers!
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