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  1. WHO concluded a year or so ago I think on page 13 of the report, that the most likely source of the contagion was ill equipped or badly trained/ lazy Wuhan Lab workers in the caves collecting bat dung who brought the contagion back to Wuhan city with them, into their homes exposing others and it was from there the human to human transmission evolved.
  2. Wish the admin could keep the news forums clear of USA MAGA based BS 39,000 'horror' stories of flu like symptoms? If ever a post needed a fact checking. WorldTribune.com is one step above Fox news for Trumpty loving partisan BS- on par with Infowars, National Examiner etc.. have a look, sloppy as crap website also.
  3. Author should learn the difference between vaccinated and inoculated
  4. Thank you for this conversation, I was going to refuse the AZ shot as my first on Aug 24 was Sinovac, but your comments had me rethinking it- and as the hospital was only offering AZ when I returned on Monday I accepted it. The best vaccine is the one you can get. AZ certainly packs more of a punch than Sinovac which only gave me a profusely runny nose. With AZ had to get into bed for a day and ran a slight fever but 48 hours later I'm fine.
  5. FACT CHECK - where dosing interval is adequate, of AZ breakthrough infections are not normal. Thailand is screwing up in all aspects of inoculating the population and second dosing is often lagging from a recommended schedule. A few months back Chulalongkorn released a study where it was suggested there were some bad batches of AZ coming out of the newly retooled facility.
  6. DC is a majority Black city and they don't go with right wing conspiracy theories.
  7. Maybe I'm not being clear or putting too many variables in the question- anyone please still seeking an answer Can I ask for a covid extension while on an O ?
  8. For the sake of this, er discourse over definitions let us simply presume I need an extra 59 days - my question remains can I apply for the 60 day Covid extension while residing on an non immigrant O permit/ permission to reside ?
  9. Thanks for that response but I've had this O visa since about 2015
  10. Is this done only for a tourist visa or will they extend an O permission to stay on 60 day covid ?
  11. Yes give people 2000 baht a week and voila, no more robbery motives
  12. Crappy C/P reporting in many ways FACT CHECK Thalang is on the north side of the island - no where near the south end where this crime occurred. Almost a completely different story from what The Phuket News is reporting- just a robbery gone bad is what the man has confessed to, and nothing about being aroused, attempted rape, questioned on a motorbike, bruises... etc etc I'll go with TPN's version over the above salivating conjecture and presumption riddled reporting
  13. seeing as most people have very mild or no symptoms, I'd disagree. Might want to read the cautions on the label- or just wear a mask
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