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  1. This is a wrong example of dual pricing. When a Thai family would move to NL their children will pay the same fees.
  2. I can guarantee you that there are no discounts for Dutch residents at museums and that transportation rates are the same for residents and tourists. There is no museum who has the right to ask you for your passport, and for transportation companies it is the same. Nobody will ask you for an id. I think hell will break loose as soon as private companies start asking people for their nationality and then charge them different rates. In NL this will be seen as unacceptable behaviour. City governments can ask for a tax from tourists. Usually this tax is collected by the hotel where you stay. Usually this is about E 1 or E 2 a night. This is not a good example of dual pricing. Citizens of a city also pay tax, even more. So as a tourist you even have an advantage.
  3. I can give you the names of many EU countries where tariffs for healthcare are regulated and the same for every hospital. Why do I see so much messages from you where you bring things as facts, but where you are talking nonsense, because what you say is factually not right?
  4. Isn't it more honest to admit that you are talking nonsense and cannot give a real example?
  5. You forgot to mention an important detail after searching for "dual pricing venice" One of the articles mentioned: "However, the European Commission is changing this." Simply because it goes against the law. And another thing you forgot to mention: It's about residents, the handful of people actually living in Venice. If a Thai person was living in Venice he would get the same discounts. The last thing I heard about the NHS is that it's one of the reasons illegal immigrants like going to the UK. Easy access to free healthcare. Now give me a good example of dual pricing in Europe... I have never seen it. And for sure not like in Thailand.
  6. Ok, I pick The Netherlands. Just give me an example... There are discounts, but not based on nationality or race. The only discounts you will find are for example discounts with membership cards. You can buy one for museums, pay for a yearly subscription. These cards are maybe less interesting for someone who visits for a week. But if that person was living here they would be able to get the same.
  7. My international health insurance needs to approve the choice of hospital in Thailand. When I asked "WHY?" they told me that some hospitals in Thailand are much much more expensive than Hospitals in NL.
  8. In case someone ever wants to do the same... Here is my experience: After checking in we were allowed to use the priority lane at passport control. I was immediately taken to another desk where a friendly lady asked where we were going, how long and some other things that I have forgotten. I replied that we were going to visit relatives in the Netherlands for a few weeks. And told that I had the phone number of my girlfriend who was still waiting at the airport to give an additional explanation if necessary. The lady said that everything was fine and that it was not necessary. Maybe it helped that my daughter also has my last name. And maybe my very reliable looks played a part ;) But everything went very smooth. In the end it all took 5 minutes. I've never gotten through passport control so quickly. My daughter's Thai passport now has a stamp with the date and the flight number written on it.
  9. Really? Never saw dual pricing in the EU/Europe. The only place where I ever saw dual pricing before was when visiting museums in Russia and Ukraine. Thailand is really an exception here.
  10. According to "Airports of Thailand" https://www.airportthai.co.th/en/children-traveling-without-parents/ underage children can even travel without parents. There is even a handling fee of $30 for children traveling alone ;-) I hoped to get some answers from people who did the same. But I think it is better to call immigration.
  11. Hi, Sunday I will leave Thailand. I will go home to The Netherlands for a couple of weeks. I have a girlfriend, and we have a daughter together. My daughter is almost 2 years old, and she has a Thai and Dutch passport. Do I need a permission (written, signed, document) from my girlfriend to leave the country with our daughter? I know in The Netherlands I will probably not be able to leave the country without permission. If so, where and how to get this?
  12. And I am Dutch and I feel the same. The Chinese are responsible, the virus probably escaped from their lab (99% chance, everything points at that). They should be held financially responsible. Governments should seize all Chinese property abroad. The WHO is not credible anymore after that fake research in China.
  13. Other countries using other vaccines (not the Chinese junk) have very good experiences with vaccines. I don't know why you at this point think different about this. It's not about whether you get sick or not. The point is that you don't have to go to the hospital and you don't die. If that is the criterion, then the vaccinations work fine.
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