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  1. That is not a scam. But... If I lived in the US, if I was married to a US citizen, if I had a job and paid tax. Could I get the same? Or would they say: 50 years ago you were born in Europe. You are not a US citizen! We will let you report your address to immigration every 90 days because you are a threat to national security. And you will pay double entrance fees for everything. Because that is what happens in Thailand.
  2. Yes. But if they had the coupon they would get the discount too. Where I come from the entrance to a museum can be 35 Euro. If you go to a second one you will pay 35 Euro again. You can also buy a subscription for E 60 that gives you access to all museums in my country for 1 full year. It is something you have to know. But also tourists can get this. That is very very different than picking people out of the line based on their color of skin and charging them double prices. No excuse for that kind of behaviour.
  3. That is too easy. You should make a test, half the country with Covid measures, and the other half without any. You don't know how it would be now without any Covid measures. Even with numbers going up, the measures can still have a positive effect. Maybe without measures you would see dying people lying on the street.
  4. That is why this country is such a mess. Look, smile and walk away. They should deport that American to where he came from. If you cannot follow the rules, just go back to your own country.
  5. It does not. You are posting 2 very questionable links. One anonymous website and one website that can be described as an activist/conspiracy website. The internet is full with lies. You are proving that the intertnet is a dangerous place for people just believing what is written there. For the most strange opinions you will find a website "proving" your imaginations.
  6. Yes. I support banning lies, false news and conspiracy theories. We have all been able to see where that can lead and what consequences that can have.
  7. I see the contrary: Countries where most people got their vaccine saw a decrease in cases. And hospital admissions often went to zero. What I also see is that youtube bans accounts spreading nonsense about Ivermectin. Maybe moderators here should do the same?
  8. Why do I need to know Mandarin to know about freedom of press in China? We all know what happens there. They are just disgusting murderers, liars with no respect for human rights. Dirty country.
  9. News in Mandarin is, considering the "freedom of press" in China, probably not the most reliable news source. From reliable sources, different sources, from different countries, we learned that Chinese vaccines do not work. It's with almost everything from China. You open the box and it looks nice. A week later it is broken. With vaccines it is the same. It looked nice in the beginning, but they do not work.
  10. Probably he knew that if Canada didn't sell it, someone else would. And probably he also knew that you would be here in this forum complaining about thousands of people in Canada losing their jobs.
  11. But proudly saying that saying that you are working closely with the Burmese military junta to supply military equipment just after they murdered about at thousand citizens is shameless. These people have no morals.
  12. On thailandintervac they mentioned several hospitals. I and friends have experience with 3 of them. The first one accepted addresses from outside of BKK. No problem at all. The second one, where I got my first vaccine 2 days ago asked for an address, I gave them my address in BKK. But they did not check it. The third one didn't ask for an address at all. So just register and travel to BKK. If you are still able to travel of course. Give them the address of the hotel where you will be staying a night (if they ask for that) and everything will be fine.
  13. In NL it's the same. Most people in hospital are not vaccinated or got only the first dose. The fully vacinated people in hospital are mainly older people, who probably did not make enough antibodies after getting the vaccines. They should get a third shot. Vaccines work, although they are not perfect.
  14. Unfortunately the government here is responsible for buying the vaccines. You cannot blame the hospitals for that. Most manufacturers of western vaccines will not give kickbacks anymore, fines are too high. So the government here bought worthless vaccines from China.
  15. Difference is that people in most western countries are vaccinated. Big difference.
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