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  1. I think it would be "who" is the stupid person, not "whom" - but that's a guess! And I did not suggest you were stupid. I simply asked you the question. And I didn't say you said no more people would have died, but it was intimated, by your statement of the world being no worse-off if the restrictions had not been invoked.
  2. No that's wrong. They left some americans there to do the job as part of their refreshed friendship. But the Americans will turn the lights on during the day. And off at night, because the light switches in Oz are up for "OFF", and down for "ON".
  3. Are you really that stupid. Or just self so self interested you can belittle the millions of people who have died and balancing that with the ridiculous scenario of having done nothing, and trying to intimate that maybe no more would have died had nothing been done. Those millions of people had family, friends they are not worth nothing. And by the way it's easy to have an opinion supporting not doing something, It's called "sticking your head up a tight warm hole"
  4. So you think the measures applied world-wide to combatting the virus (in all its forms) pending development and approvals of vaccines were (a) A waste of time and unnecessary? Or, (b) The people saved are a waste of time and unnecessary? Please choose the one that applies.
  5. Exactly. So let's suggest the United Nations pass a m,oratorium renaming it the Northern Antarctic Sea.
  6. China has the ability to call in any loans it gave it's people to buy property off-shore. And at zero interest the chinese purchased huge tranches of property all around the world. If China demands the loans repaid immediately - which I am certain in such a totalitarian state, they can we could well find local property prices fall across the board.
  7. Yes, exactly. The theory is to redefine Thailand as a lees disgracing tourism destination, And I for one would not miss the crud, the perverts, and seeing less streetwalkers. Bars exist in other countries. Why not Thailand start developing that model. Cleaning up the mean streets is a noble plan.
  8. Ask for your money back and promise you will unsleep the whole night.
  9. OKAY. Here we are then. You are at the very least a bigot. The people of Thailand exclude those in authority yes? (Or by your rule of deduction the authorities are distinctly NOT Thai people). So, if the authorities were to disappear overnight and be replaced by "Thai people - who you love". We would call them what? OH YES! authorities. You see where I'm going with this? As I have said before you have a childish understanding of the world, it's people and an embecilic ability to rationalise. Your idiotic suggestion that my support for rule of law, and order is being monetised is absolute proof your inability to deduce reality. And is a simple minded knee-jerk reaction not too much different from "Nah-Nah-Nah-Na- Nah Nah"
  10. "MAYBE?" I recall on several occasions his couriers were caught at airports with suitcass stashed to the brim with ThaI currency he bought from abroad with money he has withdraen from the Thai economy. To achieve his original power and be twice re-elected he would go into the villages and buy one landless person some land, build them a house. His return on investment was everyone in that village voted for him, then his sister, now they support the dregs of his party. I can speak with first hand knowledge of living in a small Thai village that country folk are loyal and extremely supportive each other - and those that have supported them. But all-in all, giving the man his due altruistic intentions initially, and despite the advancements he initiated in Thailand he achieved it through bribery. Which is why he and his family are exiled.
  11. But if Prayut or others had not acted when they did the Shinawatra dynasty would have promulgated yet another couple of leaders all deigning to the Thaksin philosophy of ME! Don't forget Thaksin's original political party was Thai Ruk Thai. (Thai Love Thai), or abbreviated as "TRT". A somewhat non PC slogan even for those times, perhaps better translated as "Thaksin Loves Thaksin".
  12. You really are an alarmist personified. You deny other opinion and use hyperbole, urban myth and google "facts" to support your position as a person of significant local knowledge and importance. You need to stop criticising the people of Thailand. Even if you live here, you are still a guest. If you cannot understand this simple courtesy you should piss off to anywhere else. If you don't live here, you cannot qualify as anyone with local knowledge or understanding of Thai society, custom and empathy so stop using this forum for your diatribes.
  13. You have a chidish understanding of the purpose and how governement works. Have to always appoint blame, and support your conspiracy tendencies to out-dated photography. Covid is not "Simply" a factor" Your thought processes are so slanted as being anti-government you are thinking backwards. The most relevant recognition and acceptance of last century - "SHIT HAPPENS"! So I accept your existence. I accept your absence of empathy for real-life. I will not accept your politicisation of a natural phenomenon being a symptom of all governments working in concert to detsry their hopitality industries and jobs. Get a grip mate - before you fall off the edge of your world.
  14. "economic devastation and a near total sabotage of the tourism industry." = pandemic. Not "Extreme cowardice + timidity + fear". You need to discover empathy and consideration for others in your life mate.
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