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  1. The government gave the green light to private hospitals last year.
  2. 4 Tiered pricing beneficial to Thailand, I think not. The only ones who benefit will be the super rich who own the private hospitals, nobody else, This is typical mentality of Thais to raise revenue by scamming foreigners and not implementing proper economical stratergies.
  3. Used for snake oil products that suck in millions of Asians with mumbo jumbo BS.
  4. Saturday I attended a Cremation at our local temple, it was my Thai wife’s 40 + Nephew who took his own life due to pressure from a loan shark. He had a government job and was married with children, unfortunately, unaware to his family he had a gambling addiction and borrowed money from a local loan shark. Eventually, he got to the point where he could not repay the money and he was given death threats to him and family if not paid. It all got too much for him and could only see one way out. The Thai government reports covid deaths daily, however, nothing is ever reported about suicides in Thailand. The first half of this year there were 2550 suicides related to mental health issues (many due to covid lockdowns), poverty and rising debt. I believe some of these cases are Loan Shark related. Approximately 53 - 54,000 suicides are attempted each year in Thailand with around 4,000 successful. The Thai government has set up a ' Thai Mental Health Hot Line' (National hot line 1323) however, the hot line consistently crashes due to overwhelming calls and inadequate staff. Maybe worth discussion. You may say why didn’t the family report the threats to the Police? Guess, TIT.
  5. I think not charge more, just corrupt Thais making more back pocket money.
  6. With low vaccine figures and reopening provinces, I can only see cases surge again. The Delta variant is not going to dissapear too soon.
  7. This religion is no different from any other, They think they are above the law. Just another hiding place for criminals, rapists and pedifiles as well as social drop outs and misfits.
  8. Really!!! and hears me thinking he died of induced plastic overdose.
  9. I swear by the Amulet around my neck. I think a noose around his neck would be more appropriate.
  10. ISIS-K suicide bombers kill 60 people and injure 100 at Kabul Airport, Afganistan. 13 American soldiers killed.
  11. Amazing Thailand, just goes to show that the police force is rotten to the core. This guy didnt accumulate all that wealth over night, this would have been going on for a decade or more, and nobody twigged.
  12. Agree, leave the place to this draconic race, they will never change, its in their blood from their Mongol decendants.
  13. Alledged killing. This place is becoming more like Maynmar everyday.
  14. Just as well Sherlock's on the job, otherwise, I would not have seen that coming.
  15. As my old mate Gomer Pyle would say, surprize, surprize, surprize.
  16. Does'nt it seem strange that all that equipment was left behind? The had planned the withdrawal months ago. I suspect a deal was made with the Taliban.
  17. Yes agree there is a bigger picture, there's a rat in the Biden camp making side deals with the Taliban.
  18. Yeah, seen before, backward religion in a backward thinking contry.
  19. Send the dogs to the local temple say a few WAHs all is forgiven. Only in Thailand.
  20. I would be embarresed to say that I'm a yank. Biden has made the USA a joke. Send him back to the old folks home where he belongs.
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