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  1. Not sure when you were planning on coming to Phuket but there was recently a transition from having hotels book the RT-PCR tests for guests to guests booking their own tests through a website that came online about July 21. It sounds like you may have been caught in the confusion surrounding the transition. Your hotel could have helped you to understand that while they may not have been able to book the tests for you that you could have booked the tests yourself through this new website. It doesn't sound like your agent was much help with that either. Sorry for your bad experience. An announcement of the new procedure made about July 21: The Payment Gateway, Reservation for RT-PCR testing whilst on the Phuket Sandbox is now live and running. Guests arriving on or after 1st August 2021 can purchase and make convenient reservations via this link. Hotels will not now be required to make the reservations for guests. Thank you. www.thailandpsas.com
  2. Remember that one can stay at up to three hotels during the 14-day period. First seven days must be at one hotel. Then second week you can stay at up to two other hotels. This would naturally tend to drive the average nights spent at any one particular hotel down even if the guest in question stayed the entire 14-day period and did not return home early.
  3. Are any of these malls open for business? #1 Jungceylon has been closed for months due to long-term renovations, and #2 Central Festival/Floresta will be closed for 2 weeks due to a covid cluster. What an oddly timed article.
  4. You will not be able to get a Certificate of Entry to the Phuket Sandbox without a 14-day booking of a SHA Plus hotel where you are required to stay overnight and check in with the health manager at the hotel. Where you go doing the day is up to you.
  5. Just a correction to some of the information given in the video: You still have seven days (not 72 hours) within which to acquire a negative covid test (rapid antigen or RT-PCR) in order to domestically enter Phuket. https://www.thephuketnews.com/covid-negative-test-for-land-arrivals-clarified-80561.php
  6. True, it will currently disqualify you from the sandbox. The rule for the sandbox is very simply you must have a full course of a vaccination as recommended by the manufacturer. In the case of Johnson & Johnson you only need one dose as per manufacturer recommendation. In the case of all other vaccines, you need two (2) doses. Having a dose of one that requires two jabs and a dose of another that requires two jabs does not meet this requirement.
  7. You can only have the best documentation you can get. Go to your Royal Thai Embassy and apply for the CoE with what you have. They will let you know what is sufficient. Anecdotally, it seems what you have will be enough. Only the RTE can give you the final answer.
  8. Yes, you need a negative RT-PCR test to get a Certificate of Entry to fly to Phuket
  9. The important thing seems to be that you must (currently) fly into Thailand and land in Phuket and only Phuket. You can do connecting flights to get to Phuket as long as all those connections are outside Thailand. To be specific, it does not appear to be possible to arrive in Bangkok and transfer to some sort of special flight to Phuket so that you could be processed for the Phuket Sandbox in Phuket. This may be possible in the future, but if it's possible to do now none of the details have been released and I wouldn't know how to tell you to do it.
  10. These questions are a little harder to answer accurately. It seems from the latest I've read that safest answer to question 1 would be (d). I've seen discussion that the transportation from airport to hotel must be SHA Plus approved, that one cannot book a rental car. The second question is even harder to answer. If you can my suggestion is to do at your hotel for the convenience (not having to travel to an outside lab and back). The ballpark price is around 3,000 baht per RT-PCR test from what I've heard. Hopefully, better answers to these questions in coming days.
  11. 1) Yes, visa-exempt entry is accepted and was changed from 30 to 45 days permission to stay and will remain in effect for visits between 22 December 2020 - 30 September 2021. You can extend for 30 more days by applying at the immigration office for 1,900 baht. 2) No, you don't, you can enter the rest of Thailand having arrived on a visa-exempt entry. The guidance was awkwardly worded. They will check you passport and other documents that show you have been in Phuket for the 14 day stay that is required in order to be allowed to leave Phuket and travel to the rest of Thailand. If you arrive visa-exempt the only thing for them to check in you passport is your entry stamp which will show the date entered and that you were given 45 days permission to stay.
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