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  1. Don't resign Yinn at least not over this. One would assume from the link and source indicates a rapprochement with a competitor title ! That said Thaiger is a business after all that has to produce a lot of content at pace and actually employs real Thai people and allows within reason and law freedom of expression no doubt innocent mistakes are made from time to time but I'm sure there isn't an anti-Thai agenda. Far from it and is something well worth supporting and encouraging.
  2. I remember watching a Thai 'comedy' film in Bangkok (with subtitles thankfully) and the biggest laugh was when some white-faced simpering ladyboy said 'tammai farang chorp pooying dam' - why do farangs like dark women. The jokes are like anti Irish jokes that were popular in the Uk in the 70s - framing them as backward uneducated county bumpkins. Thai culture has a rigid concept of hierarchy at it's centre - where do you stand in the pecking order.
  3. It would appear that her tamer You tube channel only opened less than a month ago as a shop front no doubt for the pay site. Had she kept to 'pretties' stuff she could probably have stayed under the radar. I'm guessing the only fans was XXX stuff with her boyfriend.
  4. I would beg to differ she has the girl next door look and no doubt played the panting mugs happy to bung her tips on the site. Utter waste of police time but more likely a shakedown as a new revenue stream opens up to make up for all the lost tea money. I'm surprised they haven't come for some of the bigger You Tubers yet on some work permit ruse or maybe they have.
  5. She reveals she makes more than a million baht here and now the cops are interested. Hmmm
  6. A hunch and as I said my innate prejudice. Ex-cons are not generally fans of HMG particularly her taxation system.
  7. Call me prejudiced but I have a feeling that Jason has never paid any tax anywhere. His incarceration in prison in the UK then cost around £130k never mind all the admin costs and police time to bring him to justice. He's a taker out of the system. In 2019/20, the average cost of a prison place in England and Wales was 44.6 thousand British pounds a year, compared with 43.2 thousand British pounds in 2018/19. Since 2015/16, the annual cost of one prison place in England and Wales has increased by around 9.45 thousand British pounds.
  8. There were two videos at the start of this thread I will be generous and say Jason is the lesser of the two evils.
  9. This is well worth a watch when the BBC take a group of young Brits to see if they can hack it in the rice fields of Issan. Backbreaking work not far removed from slavery in some respects.
  10. My missus has been cooking for over 50 years started at the age of 6 helping out her mum in the family restaurant. Since lockdown she has majored in farang food and mastering sourdough.
  11. After the Lao Rebellion where Siamese expansionism annexed large chunks of the Kingdom of Lao - Lao people became effectively slaves, forcibly tattooed sold into bonded labour , their language suppressed and their King brutally tortured and murdered in Bangkok and their capital Vientiane raised to the ground. Thirty years after the event, John Bowring published The Kingdom and People of Siam in 1857 that mentioned this event; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lao_rebellion_(1826–1828)
  12. I love Cold War Steve he sums up complicated arguments in a single photoshopped picture.
  13. Baan and Beyond and Boonthavorn if you are in Pattaya. Boonthavorn is a bit pricier but has nice gear.
  14. Thanks I was just catching up with my homework and you've answered the question. "Snout" is tobacco and "a screw" is a prison officer. Instead of ''bird" I could have used "porridge".
  15. He has a mate who he lionizes called 'Nightmare' and did a Nazi salute whilst touring Auschwitz. I'll give the miss to one of your meet-ups Fluke were you ever to have one if this is the kind of guy you like. Can't imagine he likes taking the knee either ! Anyway agree with Yinn 'quality' tourist. https://ultras.fandom.com/wiki/Headhunters_Unmasked
  16. The first thing I do when seeing these sensationalist headline is to ask who is this publication ? A questionable source exhibits one or more of the following: extreme bias, consistent promotion of propaganda/conspiracies, poor or no sourcing to credible information, a complete lack of transparency, and/or is fake news. Fake News is the deliberate attempt to publish hoaxes and/or disinformation for profit or influence https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/world-tribune/
  17. No he is a US citizen who fought in the marines apparently. https://www.khaosodenglish.com/politics/2020/11/04/conspiracy-blogger-tony-cartalucci-reveals-his-identity/
  18. They are paid shills for pro-China propaganda like this joker. Their thesis, in that they have one is that all protest comes from the actions of covert US interference in Asian domestics countries to advance global geopolitical US interests and not from legitimate grievances that the protestors may have.
  19. Well it was a 18th century version of suffrage not for slaves or women or poor people , only white males owning property or paying taxes. About 6% of the population. The desire for what I am sure is majority of the Thai people, is to have free and fair elections and decide their own future democratically and without constant coups, interference and an end to endemic corruption. A noble and fair goal you may say which is why they will probably never get it. I hope I am proved wrong. the issues that are highlighted along the way are perceived to be as a result of corruption, entrenched interests and lack of electoral accountability. Thanks for the thanks btw not my intention to make any enemies here for sure.
  20. Ok line 1 - the three fingers are a desire for 'true' democracy where the Thai government for better or worse represents the true feelings of the Thai people rather than a coup inspired army gerrymandered system they currently have. Borrowed from the movie Hunger Games. Democratic accountability could have ensured wiser heads had prevailed early on in choosing vaccines and programs to engage with. Like COVAX ,like accepting an offer of free vaccines from India , or partnering with AZ from their current vaccine production facility in Saraburi rather than the eventual choice which I believe has yet to produce domestically. 2nd line see previous. The Red which is not universally the color of the pro-democracy movement is that of the Thaksin supporting redshirts to whom the student have common current purpose but not necessarily common goals. Yellow inflatable ducks were used to protect demonstrators from water cannons a few months back in the large scale student led pro-democracy demos. they have cop-opted and subverted yellow the color of the royalist supporters. The colonists were armed to their teeth and fought on their home territory. The pro-democracy movement is by and large a peaceful one seeking change by a fair ballot rather than the bullett. All power to their elbows.
  21. Except (my irony may have gone undetected) the US election wasn't stolen whereas the Thai one most certainly was. The guys and gals who are most likely to believe that the US election was stolen are the ones most anti-vax , anti-mask and the ones who are dying the most of the so-called Fox virus.
  22. Crikey 10/10 for effort but barely a 3 for content. I could go for a line by line rebuttal but to be frank I can't be arsed.... If you are by any chance an American who cares about stolen elections could you send a bit of the love Thailand's way.
  23. That's above my pay grade. Please can we have more sun (in the UK) but not the newspaper obviously.
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