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  1. I wonder what Lingard's thinking last evening after the game ? Could he sleep or , lol
  2. Some good old homemade swedish meatballs yummi sorry i forgot the lingonberries in the fridge at home,,,,lol
  3. Great scores from alot of teams here ,but not from my team hahaaaa (as usual) think i have too little time to check it all up before GW's starts ,i still had Calvert in my team though he was injured :( Anyway long time til may 2022
  4. Yeah he's a great player Suljovic ,now i saw this coming weekend there will be the Nordic Darts Masters September 17th in Copenhagen ;)
  5. Cheers Scotland to the win :) There was a great day yesterday to watch the games ,really cool that Austria came to the final by win over England in the semi final,but a little disappointed that Wales didn't make it to the final and Gerwyn had a 9 darter chance in the semi ,anyway great darts there were. Let's wait for the next telly show ,which one it is i don't know now ,anyone ? Off for work now :(
  6. GW4 will be on today and i will miss the matches today coz working :( come on Toffees (match on Monday) don't let me down now and good luck all , btw anyone following the world cup of darts now on telly ?Swedenis out they lost against US at Thursday, 5-1 win for US. Now i will put my money on Wales will take it all with Gerwyn P. and Johnny C. Have a great weekend guys
  7. Yes very great evening first that Abba announced new album coming in November (i think) ;) And then late evening we won 2-1 over Spain in the world cup qualification and tops the table 2 points ahead of Spain and 1 match less played ,it couldn't been better .
  8. Yea you're right BigHewer i won'tgive up if it sounded like that . I think Everton has something big going on this season , i'm so tired of seeing them finish 8, 9,10 in the league every year it would be nice if they could grab a CL place in the table. Long time since i was in Liverpool now and saw a derby prolly about 10 years ago ,Thailand has taken all the time to go to . Well well guys have a great evening , hmmm maybe should say night the time here is 8 pm
  9. Hmmm i'm going down in the table after every GW , lol should be the other way ;)
  10. Just wanna show you guys how we in my team i support Hammarby in sweden celebrates a great freekick goal from legend Kennedy , if you might missed it before on the internet , i was there at the game and saw it live , i live just a couple of freekicks off the stadium . It's magic . sorry about not find it in english talking.
  11. The team "Vikings" need some mushrooms and run berserk this GW3 to catch in some points ;=) Good luck this week guys.
  12. With big sadness i'm reading the paper now that Charlie passed away . Your music will always be here with us R.I.P Charlie,
  13. KC, i hope you don't transferred him in because of my input , i trippled hima s captain too but it turned out with 6 points,so not too good :( But soon new GW and more oppertunities , i'm down 1 place in our league this week now and chasing Tottenham K. and OI OI team now cheers guys
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