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  1. Good morning Thailand. Well, with the ever lagging covid pandemic and the every changing travel policies, making any concrete plans for travel is like trying to catch your breath, with a butterfly net!!! My head spinsas I read through the plethora of information on insurance. While I search for my meds to take away the headache, maybe someone has some advice and direction for me. Planning to arrive in Bangkok likely in March. (PM promised country would be ready to open in October). I will arrive on Cathay. I will stay in Bangkok 2 full days (maybe more if there is a covid test required to leave or go to Dubai.) I'm sure a covid test with a shelf life of 72 hours prior to departure will be required. Can I get results in the two day time frame of my stay in Bangkok. Might have to extend to three?? Once this obstacle has been navigated, onward to Dubai, using Emirates of coarse. Now they offer some type of medical coverage included in ticket price, but its unclear where its valid. I suspect its valid in Dubai only. Not withstanding; I will be in Dubai for five days. (I'm sure now i will need a covid test to depart Dubai for Paris. Ten days later, return to Bangkok for 7-10 days. Onward back to Canada. I have read all there is to read about insurance, and how it must be Thailand approved. Anyhow, many moving parts. Where to start. Advise is you would like. ken
  2. Now come on !!! Really? Im not sure if this should not be moved into the comedy forum. I am in America, where we cant get people to get a life saving vaccine (I know Ill catch a pile for saying that) let alone give up sex. Lie really? Will there be condom machines and mask machines in the bathrooms at the airport for the wanten weary traveler? Like really?
  3. This issue has been discussed at length in International Newspapers, including Bangkok Post. Even some international papers and news services have carried the ongoing story, following this bill in Thailand. Colleagues in Thailand all agree that the government is taking its time. Its my sincere understanding that the government has much on its plate with covid. Many thigs have been shuffled to the back burner. But equally my colleagues all believe that eventually the government will sort out the associated civil and constitutional issues. If not for the right thing to do in Thailand but to save face after the international attention it received on the subject. ken
  4. Houston: we have a problem. hahaha
  5. Good day from British Columbia, Canada. I live in the heart of wine country: the Okanagan valley. Usually this time of year the hotels, bars, restaurants, beaches are crammed with road weary vacationers looking for a break from driving the behemoth motor home down the highway. The valley is empty these days with the mini covid outbreak and the smoke that has blocked our beautiful sun from view. We love our valley and the views and other activities it brings for our tourist. We hav t had rain in months. So I am asking the wonderful people of Thailand to direct some of the rain that you get over to Canada’s Okanagan Valley where it’s so dry, we saw a tree chasing a dog. cheers.
  6. I think that your statement is very correct and well thought out. It clarified some questions that have been lingering in my own mind
  7. Hello: while I agree that the sandbox model has some serious flaws in it from the onset: I commend people of Phuket, local business, and politicians for trying to something to spare further pain in their communities. I am sure that no matter what could  have been done was in fact done to ensure it’s success. 
    I will climb out on a small limb here to say that a few ( big many ) visitors and locals willingly broke the rules of the sandbox model, and they themselves should be blamed for this failure. In short, if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

  8. I am very proud to be associated with an organization with such a keen heart to serve its community! To the many who help out daily, you inspire the rest of us.
  9. In 1865, the civil war in the USA ended. When the band wanted to play the national anthem, President Lincoln told the band to lower the flag to half, and play Dixie. A tribute to the south. He saw his country was in need of healing. Thailand is in need of healing. Her people have been lied to, and misrepresented for such a long time. I agree with the post below that suggests that transparency is the best medicine. How bad is a problem unless you can see it for what it is. My heart sags under the weight of the incompetency of the people who claim to have the peoples needs at heart. People took over this country by force, telling the world they had a better way. Well where is this better way? Is it a wonder the population does not believe and respect for the governance that beggars they believe? I'm just a lonely Canadian, in love with a Thai, but each day I speak with my husband, i hear in his voice a resolve its not going to be better any time soon. I thank the King for his donation today. Im going to go and play Dixie, and remember what a statesman like Lincoln stood for. Integrity in the face of disaster, he brought healing to a nation in need.
  10. This is a good question. I am wanting to be in Thailand close to the same time. My situation is I want to get married then go to Dubai and Paris for honeymoon. Be that as it may, having my Thai husband on the opposite side of the door unable to join me would drive me nuts. It is what it is I suppose and no sence getting wound up about it. On a different not, does anyone here thing the Prime Ministers decree of Thailand open for fully for tourists, will really happen? Has anyone questioned Tim Newton on his views concerning this?
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