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  1. Ask your general questions to the GMT team here. And keep it clean!
  2. In a landmark verdict on Tuesday, the first individual accused under Hong Kong's contentious national security law was found guilty. After crashing his motorcycle into police officers and waving a flag calling for Hong Kong's "freedom," Tong Ying-kit was convicted of inciting secession and terrorism. Since the law's implementation in 2019, more than 100 persons have been arrested. On Tuesday, the first person charged under Hong Kong's contentious national security law was found guilty in a landmark decision. Tong Ying-kit was found guilty of inciting secession and terrorism after smashing his motorcycle into police officers and carrying a flag calling for Hong Kong's "independence." More than 100 people have been detained since the law went into effect in 2019. SOURCE: BBC
  3. best time to be there, light to moderate cloudiness, beautiful sunset at vanilla!
  4. Bangkok rooftop bars made famous by The Hangover Part II Great scene
  5. very sad, indeed. wonder if this is recorded as a Covid death?
  6. best of luck to that coalition, you'll have the support of many a expat, im sure!!
  7. i'm one of those who lets others dive in to see how deep the water is before i venture in!! best to let the first batch of brave tourists find out the exact details and then The Thaiger can report it. but no doubt, things will change. i'm aiming for mid-sep re-entry.
  8. Thailand's very own Thaiger King... or perhaps The Leopard Prince?
  9. I've heard of so many people quitting after reading the Allen Carr book. @ThaiChapterare you off the ciggies now or you got dragged back in by them!?
  10. so many amazing rooftop bars/restaurants in Bangkok. Not been to this one, but it looks amazing!
  11. decent budget, I think he/she should fine something decent with all the amenities. Jett's reviews are great, good shout!
  12. 2021 really isnt going the way we'd hoped it would!! such optimism coming into the year. Seems like the West is learning / planning to live it with vaccines flying out, whilst Asia opting to just keep boarders closed with an endless battle to contain it
  13. Jeeeez, that's harsh. It seemed a bit more manageable when you were allowed down to the pool side for an hour or two each day after passing your 5th day test. Cant imagine being trapped in a room by myself for 14 days straight. Which hotel are you in? and do you have a balcony or just aircon 24/7!?
  14. I know The American School of Bangkok charges up to 700k THB / yr - must be good for that price!?
  15. DPat

    Lucky Man

    Well said, King Cotton! And yes, of course I know The Verve, some great songs from the 90s. Probably should have done more, but great band.
  16. i wouldnt be surprised if that bill found its way to the bottom of the pile!!
  17. cant beat a white russian..all about the cream! wouldnt be able to drink them all night though, throw in an old fashioned ;)
  18. Good on ya, Andrew. Completely cold turkey? or did your body crave that nicotine still and you switched to gum or patches?
  19. I've heard it mentioned a few times now, but when's it realistically gonna be available and can anyone just say they write blogs or do SEO for a few clients and get one?
  20. My friend is traveling to Bangkok from the UK in May and wants to get a better understanding of what to expect! He's a smoker, is it possible to request a smoking room or balcony? Any really good hotels anyone stayed at that they can recommend? Thanks
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