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  1. How embarrassing! This thread has been locked now due to an oversight by the GMT team. The interview with the Doctor has already been recorded, so your questions here cannot be asked. Apologies for wasting your time and effort in this thread.
  2. She's the guest speaker on tomorrow and Friday's GMT live show. If you can't watch live but you want to ask something, this is where you can ask...
  3. Guest speaker Associate Professor Helen Petousis-Harris- BSc, PGDipSc (Distinction), PhD, a vaccinologist, associate professor in the Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care, and the Director of the Vaccine Datalink and Research Group in New Zealand. Her Ted Talks about Covid vaccines have laid out clear warnings about the public’s attitude about vaccines and how the ‘infodemic’ is stalling the world’s best efforts to get populations vaccinated. We invite your questions to Helen, about how these vaccines work, their efficacies and the misinformation about vaccines generally being spread on the internet.
  4. Please put the violins down @gummy - all under control now! Some server fixes were rushed through, causing the errors, should be fine now..
  5. Hi @Mike-Hunt I think the gifs issue should be fixed now. if you can refresh and try again pls?
  6. sorry, this info is only available in the admin panel, if you follow the activity log, it will give you an idea for growth. and just for your info, there are now 1,500 registered users.
  7. Hi @Mike-Hunt we have added twitter, fb, ig etc to the whitelist, so links to those sites will work now. Let me know if there's any other popular sites you think should be included. Will look into the gif issue and update you. @Coyoteyoutube links have always been whitelisted, so there shouldn't be an issue there. For all other links, you can paste them as normal, they just wont hyper-link out. Instead the user can copy/paste into another browser.
  8. Actually, this setting was not easy to find, I had to reach out to the forum software community for help in finding it!!
  9. Although this is purely your personal preference @Faz, we're happy to fix this for you, especially as @Tjampman(our first ever Silver Member) wants it too! I quite liked the Return Key Behavior = Start new paragraph setting, but I don't contribute to the forum as much as you guys!
  10. best time to be there, light to moderate cloudiness, beautiful sunset at vanilla!
  11. Hi @Tjampmanas per your request, a white list has been created now, including the thaiger. All other links will be text links. Sorry for the inconvenience, we get so many spammers trying to build links, but this will make things quicker and easier
  12. Bangkok rooftop bars made famous by The Hangover Part II Great scene
  13. very sad, indeed. wonder if this is recorded as a Covid death?
  14. best of luck to that coalition, you'll have the support of many a expat, im sure!!
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