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  1. TAT probably think that these homeless people should now come and stay in Phuket or do some other domestic travel until the waters subside
  2. Great for your eyeballs and personal space. Good luck Thailand, your going to need it this year
  3. Nice try but you might be 2 years too early with this advert
  4. This was always going to be a K-shaped recovery. The rich will get richer and the poor can sell their body parts on the cheap to pay their debts to the rich people
  5. This was years ago no they are using social media to beg for money, som nom na mofos
  6. I only shop in places with price tags, its just that simple
  7. bet that the government love it when people blame karma, ghosts and black magic for things in Thailand, world class schooling it has not got, that's all part of the plan though
  8. if they are so great then why does Thailand have the lowest full vaccination rate in SE Asia apart from Burma? (they are in civil war, almost)
  9. so we have seen the delta variant coming for months but you just kept buying that Chinese garbage becuse of your countries enslavement / debt to the Chinese government. Slave nation
  10. forensic accountants should be used to check all members of parament and all their families accounts and properties
  11. just wondering if the government classes these people collecting earth worms as a job? Trying to work out how they still say that Thailand has 2% unemployment still??
  12. trying to imply that they have all had the first two shots is weak-sauce
  13. Can I ask a question? Would it shock any readers if a policeman shot a civilian trying to extort money from them? Feels like a standard Tuesday to me.
  14. I hope they removed some letter to spell rude words
  15. Well that might be teh case, however I live on one of the islands that is open now, I have not been given a vaccine and will not be going out and spending anything while all these people are coming and I'm still at risk. Money and face over lives and honour
  16. what else would you expect from the R tards that run the show?
  17. They already own the school grounds, it makes perfect sense to use the schols first before bringing in private companies property
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