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  1. Are you in Canada too? I know of a few places online that have some great ingredients but I have an Asian grocery supplier here in Ottawa who can get literally anything I need for Thai food ingredients :p
  2. Yikes :/ I did Muay Thai for many years, and one of my Thai trainers insisted I draw symbols with my foot in my opponent's corner to summon spirits bringing him bad luck. I asked why shouldn't I draw good luck symbols in MY corner. He laughed and said good luck spirits aren't as strong as bad luck spirits. I didn't draw the symbol during my "ram muay" one time and he freaked out screaming at me. I dated a Thai girl in Chiang Mai briefly also and I discovered her running her finger along the edge of my glass once, so I asked her what she was doing and she just said "nothing nothing" but she was smiling very suspiciously. SO after persisting with the questions, it turned out she was smearing her menstrual blood on the rim of my glass, an "incantation" I would later learn is actually very common around Isaan and particularly certain tribes. It's supposed to make a man instantly and helplessly fall in love. Black magic. Creepy shit.
  3. Reminds me of a VICE story I read years ago - I've shown this to Thai friends with mixed reactions. The more superstitious ones see this as very good and powerful magic, a few cringed and called it evil black magic that they won't talk about since black magic spirits will hear and haunt them. https://www.vice.com/en/article/nn9bk7/searching-for-thailands-grimmest-good-luck-charm
  4. Whatever happened to the guy filmed in Pattaya arguing with another foreigner over masks a little while ago?
  5. I have a friend in Khon Kaen who says there is definitely a stigma against people who have caught COVID, even after they've recovered, if it's known that they had it. They're treated almost like lepers, it's painfully obvious the lengths people will go through to avoid them. So maybe it's not a lynch mob chasing them out of town with pitchforks, but it's still uncomfortable at best and unreasonably mean at worst.
  6. It's actually because Trudeau is calling a snap election in September, and the majority of Canadians support a vaccine mandate, so it's good PR for him - he'll secure the vote of all those people who want to control YOU for THEIR safety. Trudeau gets to swoop in and appear to be the saviour, and everyone will instantly have amnesia about him shitting the bed with vaccines and open borders last year.
  7. All great noodle dishes, but missed a big one: KUAY CHAP NOODLES! Head on down to Yaowarat in BKK and you can find them all over, the curled-up little noodle tubes are an amazing vessel for pork or beef broth soup with pork balls or whatever meat you're into. Or no meat at all, but then...why? Also missed Pad Mama, but understandably that might not be as ubiquitous as the others.
  8. I'm usually in Thailand twice a year, spend a good amount of time in Rawai each time. As much shit talking as I'm seeing about Phuket on the forum lately - I wonder if many of these people have really been to Phuket, rather than having visited Patong. I'm not sure you meant the same thing I felt when I read your comment, but the way I'm feeling at the moment is that I should have been in Phuket this year.
  9. My wife and I have been planning and pushing back our next trip since March 2020, and were scheduled to use the Sandbox to arrive in October, but we're moving the trip again to April 2022. We're both vaccinated and we're not really worried about the "cases" in Thailand, but we're concerned about concerning others around us - we don't want to travel as the scary enemies putting everyone at risk, or at least the perception of that. And as many, many others have said - everything is closed, and we're avid consumers of wine and/or beer with our food, two major factors which we know will affect the outcome of spending thousands of dollars, flying nearly 28 hours, having devices shoved up our nostrils, and potentially risking it all to be forced into ASQ if someone near us tests positive. The juice isn't worth the squeeze.
  10. Bye bye iconic market, hello 155 new overpriced AirBnB's.
  11. Well...according to the CDC, unvaccinated people have as much chance of transmitting the virus to others as vaccinated people do. If that's the case, the choice to be vaccinated is as dangerous as the choice not to be vaccinated, isn't it? I'm deliberately being hyperbolic, but you can't have it "both ways". There is a break in logic when we're being told that vaccination is the only route to safety, but that vaccination does not result in actual safety, and in fact is as unsafe as not even being vaccinated. Don't blame me for this info, either. Straight from the proverbial horse's mouth: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/30/world/the-delta-variant-is-a-serious-threat-as-contagious-as-chickenpox-the-cdc-finds.html
  12. That actually seems to be a huge trend here, as well. I know at least a dozen people who bought bread maker machines or sour dough starters or this or that in the last 17 months. Did she learn from the You Tubes or did she already know how to make bread pre-pandemic?
  13. You might not appreciate the method I have to use to smuggle them in, but at least they'll still be warm! How long have you been in CM? I'm supposed to be there this October but plans obviously might change.
  14. I've never heard of him but he certainly seems qualified :p I'll check it out - possibly even see if I could visit next time I'm in CM.
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