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  1. Most of those people weren't going to Phuket, though. Songkhla, Yala, Narathiwat, Pattani and Satun. As none of those provinces or towns are sandboxed. So, we continue to economically die from the lack of 4 million Malaysian visitors annually.
  2. According to the Thai government, they are only allowing entry to those that have had a Thai approved, or WHO approved vaccine...that numbers 7, so far. Since the Thai government, nor the WHO, list Covaxin or Sputnik in their current lists, we can assume that people with those vaccines don't qualify - today.
  3. While I've not had the vegetarian "chicken" that @9S_ shared with us, they do make some incredible vegetarian "meat" here, that I look forward to every year. All made with tofu, but the flavor is indistinguishable from meat, and the texture is about right; roast duck and Chinese pork are two of my absolute favorites.
  4. I haven't seen any of these businesses or resorts that "encroached on public land" torn down or removed, though the threat has been published many times. Are you aware of ANY resort that has had to be torn down or removed?
  5. Actually, the way it appeared last week seemed the cleanest. It was clear and easy to read.
  6. It is when the police make you walk through the motions of the crime. Very common for the police to do this in Thailand. Renactment - to do the actions again as originally done
  7. Thonburi Hospital Group No guarantee, but refunded if not acquired No refund otherwise
  8. I've never thought using real photos would give you an "animation". I always interpreted animation as drawn. Point accepted.
  9. Simple fare today. BBQ pork ribs for lunch, and shrimp burgers for dinner. My wife is a great Thai cook, but likes doing a farang thing for me, quite often.
  10. If you believe that, you are truly deluded. They are talking about preventing and blocking misinformation, false information. Lies.
  11. Oh, now I get it. Because Prayut has sold out Thailand to the Chinese, we'll get weapons from them, because that would be domestic weapon production. Xie xie, Khun Prayut.
  12. Fewer people (remember Thais don't like foreigners) that spend more money. They want one family of four, that will spend 60,000 baht a week (largely patronizing 'rich' establishments owned by well-connected hi-sos, instead of 10 "backpackers" who spend 6,000 each a week (which would benefit more mom and pop businesses).
  13. Local sources for weapons? Who? That Somchai in Chiang Rai who sold homemade rifles off of FB? What company could manufacture any arms or weapons in Thailand that wouldn't require trillions of baht in investment money from the government? Foolish idea. But, that's Prayut's government. It's a badge of honor for them...to have another foolish idea.
  14. You really believe that? Deportment prevents me from expressing my opinion on your comment.
  15. I didn't leave off anything. That is from the WHO site as their recognized vaccines. Check the link. https://covid19.trackvaccines.org/agency/who/ Updated Oct 1, 2021. Those vaccines approved in Thailand. https://covid19.trackvaccines.org/country/thailand/ Also updated Oct 1, 2021
  16. It's pretty clear. If you are double vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the Thai Health Ministry or the WHO, your quarantine/Sandbox period is only 7 days, with two Covid tests during that time. Day 1 and Day 6. If you are negative, your mandatory stay is 7 days. If your hotel won't agree, cancel with those idiots and make a new reservation with a hotel that doesn't want to screw you.
  17. The weight difference isn't great enough for any major savings. The only major difference between the two planes is the 777 is pressurized to 6,000 feet, making the flight a bit more comfortable. We know they are trying to shed aircraft, but I thought it was the other versions of the A350 that they were trying to offload. https://airlinegeeks.com/2016/11/25/beyond-the-one-inch-length-difference-airbus-a350-1000-vs-boeings-777-300er/
  18. That's not from Google, that's from Wikipedia. If an entry has a Wiki entry, Google uses the first few lines in their listing. Hear, hear. Well said.
  19. Double thanks for me, guys. You've given some great advice.
  20. Chonburi has twice as many new cases as Songkhla, but they're talking about opening Chonburi, while Songkhla continues to remain a dark red province. The logic defies imagination.
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