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  1. My take on the topic is that the claim of “passed its peak” is premature because they just started allowing interprovincial travel from deep red zones. The situation in Phuket hasn’t improved, that’s for sure!!
  2. You’re missing Sunday’s graphic for North Thailand!!!
  3. How does Lou Ferigno and the age of his son have ANY relevance to this story? Has the reporter been binging on The Hulk? (Original TV series.) ?? This is one of the oddest conclusions to a news article I’ve ever seen.
  4. What was the point in including a Gay Pride Parade ?️? photo with this article? You must have had plenty of actual photos from the protest itself.
  5. That picture says it all. We’re doing all this with magic, sleight of hand, hocus pocus!! NONE of it is true!!!
  6. Maybe now is not the time to recommend top 10 provinces to visit without mentioning that 2 of your top 3 provinces lead in the number of new Covid cases identified.
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