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  1. My grandad once said to me if an aggressive dog comes at you, bend down as though you're picking up a stone, I assumed he had been at the cooking sherry so dismissed it with a condescending smile. But it works 100% believe me - absolutely no idea why but its worked 100% of the time on the 5 or 6 times it's happened to me ! It seems to confuse the crap out of them and they back off. Seems the old uns know best.
  2. Not being funny but has there ever been a factual, concise and helpful news item posted on here ?
  3. Given right now its been reported that the COE is being scrapped and no-one has a clue what's going to replace it, if anything, then I would say what you've said is a racing certainty
  4. and yet you don't know any ? Can you see how your comment might be filed under 'bizarre' ? (Don't get sucked into all the 'brown envelope' bollox you will frequently read about) Having said all that if I was in a job that paid about 3,000 baht a week and had to pay for my own uniforms, bike and gun I would be inclined to arrange a few backhanders!
  5. Such an awful crime - how one human being can do this to another knowingly sending them to a life of hell and then sleep at night is beyond belief !
  6. I'm closer to the first but as the question is nonsensical it makes it impossible to answer it - EVERYONE is potentially affected by the virus but surely I don't need to point that out ? You've gone all David Icke on us
  7. I don't know what's happening to you Fluke but you appear to be losing the plot of late - take a lie down dude.
  8. But you never hear it in conversation do you - just a bit odd. However carry on ....... I'm guessing third world status must be poverty related (I don't want to a wake Yinn up here ) but given Thailand has more cash in reserve than Germany, the 3rd or is it 4th richest country on the planet, it must be a tough one to determine their status.
  9. at least you've confirmed you're on a wind up - its rare you get a straight answer on here so cheers for that.
  10. OMG !! Are you on a wind up ? The projections would have been the first thing every government did before putting a single penny into the research that led to the vaccines with particular emphasis on what it would do to their health systems, which was the driving force behind any vaccine development. You really think they splashed out trillions on drugs, near bankrupted their own economies for something that would only have taken out Auntie Ethel who was on her last legs anyway ?? Get real !
  11. Just bizarre ! so no deaths was prevented by the measures taken from worldwide governments being led by the science ? as for the closures have had a worse effect than the virus - have you ran the past the dead ones and their relatives ?
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