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  1. Though he may want to stay onside with the CCSA chair. Remember Bangkok got every other provinces lot of vaccines. The shoe may end up on the other foot with the rest of the country getting to 70% first in their provinces. Plus The Bangkok Governor may want to learn who in the Thai Government who to trust with regards to COVID19 information. The Tourism and Health Ministers don’t look like they are the people.
  2. I bet your looking forward to doing that. The school children must be a few pencils short at the moment.
  3. So to protect us from more surges of the COVID19 waves, all work camps, markets and interprovincial travel should be shut down? Those bars and entertainment figures also can be reflected in hotels and restaurants. Remember bars and entertainment are forced shut, unlike hotels and restaurants at this time. Without this places thriving it will be a hard decision to holiday there, and look for something that has areas where one can go and Holiday.
  4. But Thailand loves its …. Same, Same but Different … policy. It seams to work for everything.
  5. But the provinces have got lazy since the first big lockdown we had. Now just to many holes for them to bypass entry for each province. Maybe for all it falls into the to hard category.
  6. And “the pig” restaurant. Bet you more of a stop for him. I can definitely recommend that place.
  7. We need Mr or Mrs Anonymous give us more reports …. Not just this visit but any tidbits they have to keep us honestly informed about what the government is up too ….
  8. A good example is why the road toll is so high! Boys (and Girls) in uniform have the tools, but tend to ignore them. Maybe same will happen with this law …. Ignored unless something in it for them!
  9. Not up to me, up to the Thai PM, and we all know he is just like a pair of jandals. And also if your after a prediction from me, sorry I didn’t bring my crystal ball with me to Thailand
  10. I would love to know what’s happened to all the baht buses in Pattaya and Songthaews in Chiang Mai.
  11. In reality …. To be expected. Only people that thought they would be removed from this list was the TAT.
  12. In the same article … The Health Minister concedes that, from a medical perspective, it may be too early and inappropriate to push forward with reopening the country, as Covid-19 is increasing in many areas and still problematic even in places where infections are decreasing. But just today, they are trending upwards in the correctional facilities. So as per normal, the Thai statistics are provided to the media by the TAT (sarcasm). Learn to live with a grain of salt when reading their figures and statistics.
  13. Fits in well with the other Thai saying …. “Same, Same but Different” …. The Different part for us is on the same bill!
  14. So will Thai hospitals set up a stall at the World Expo in Dubai next to the Thai Tourism stall. They may be able to put a bandaid on this media attention?
  15. CEO’s name plus Red Plate Mercs … doesn’t have the same ring about it as Joe Ferrari !
  16. But have they approved it for adults yet? The ones that have pre-paid for their doses.
  17. The have …. That’s the American way of doing the Date! …… 10 of January is a ways off yet!
  18. Now be concerned …. I had to double check the date …. A prison in Muang district is being converted into a field hospital after 1,195 of the inmates tested positive for Covid-19 infection. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2183543/prison-declared-field-hospital-as-1-195-inmates-catch-virus Though this is not in Phuket maybe it’s the next step for Hospital beds in Phuket as they are already using an old decommissioned prison.
  19. So all the reports so far have been Fake News? …. PM Prayut Chan-o-cha coordinates a more centralized response to the pandemic together with public health authorities through the CCSA. Under its structure, all offices and centres under the CCSA report directly to the Prime Minister for prompt updates and command. He also Chairs the CCSA. This Fake News now needs to be investigated to the fullest by the government watch dogs! Obviously these reports are frightening some people. or is the Health Minister that far removed from the political loop. https://thethaiger.com/news/national/public-health-ministry-defends-october-1-reopening
  20. The story of the two Thai girls who woke up to find their 44 year old mother dead in their bedroom, possibly due to Covid-19, grabbed public attention and shed light on the death toll of the current wave of cases where more than 4,000 people infected with the virus have died. Medical examiners have not declared the Apaporn Suntarachon’s cause of death, but her daughters tested positive for Covid-19. The children are now under state care. https://thethaiger.com/coronavirus/girls-infected-with-covid-after-mother-dies-at-home-public-criticises-healthcare-system Which are? No links by you to the facts. …. We wait with bated breath.
  21. Allowing people from Bangkok to bomb burst all over Thailand, would not you say that was counter productive? He did allow that to happen.
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