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  1. Maybe those throwing the insults are worried that they will be next …. The cyber unit trolling through OnlyFans. Oh the Cyber unit must suffer at times!
  2. Careful you may need a brown envelope or to satisfy the boys in brown.
  3. Allegedly? ….. seems to be the word of the day attached to any reports … especially if used with assaults, murder, and crime. Well why can’t we attach it to government reports and statements?
  4. But … i can now suggest another place on @Bob20 Chiang Mai tours ….. around to @HolyCowCm neighbors for some drinks and karaoke before bed at 4 am. You know the neighbour's won’t ring the police hotline, and as they would be sandbox tourist, they would be untouchable even if they did turn up.
  5. But I would wait until the publish there findings, … or use your login and password … but in reality it’s not a pornography thing here, it’s that the Thai Government are not getting their cut. They cannot get a tax cut from this website like Facebook and Google. And also the people that have government friends will cry because they won’t have any girls to fill their bars, so have to fill the brown envelopes with their own money and not from bar profits.
  6. Well they have three they can choose from https://thethaiger.com/news/business/strapped-for-cash-thai-airways-puts-3-more-aircraft-up-for-
  7. Though could not tell how luxurious, as no photo in the Thaiger article …. Would be nice to see what the HiSo’s were drinking! Or just jealous they were not invited to the party.
  8. Bet they want to travel first class too! Can he make that happen, maybe on Thai Airways?
  9. I hope not, imagine him at the desk at immigration? Sourpuss and intelligent at the desk for 5 years. We would be well and truly out of luck. … then it would be not tourists but expat’s and business people that would suffer.
  10. and the link below … https://thethaiger.com/talk/topic/5483-news-forum-onlyfans-content-creators-arrested-by-thai-police-on-pornography-charges/?tab=comments#comment-65159 I would love two things hear … 1. The cost of the Thai Police force that will monitor this! What will they name the department that will search and prosecute these people as they will need subscribe and pay for each page, video of viewing? 2. Who Narked? We know that the police don’t have the greatest skills of deduction and investigation, because if they did they would have Red Bull back in the country. These peeps must have some jealous friends. It sure ain’t being reported on the COVID19 hotline as these people are doing it in isolation I bet. They may get done for not using a mask as per health department recommendation (sorry can’t find the link but I know it was a Thai article).
  11. And are you saying it will not be more entertaining and enjoyable than the Phuket Sandbox?
  12. Obviously the most intelligent Thai in Thailands bureaucracy. But, they will never listen to him, as a lot of face will be lost!
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