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  1. I don't remember saying anything about language skills, I do remember someone correcting my typing mistake and so I answered in kind, it was petty so I answered in a petty way as well.
  2. "The people you keep harping that look down on others" It is not my fault or my problem they do that in Thailand, I am just an observer, but it exists. "Now wouldn't care that they themselves, are looked down upon" Well no as the people looking down on them are outside of Thailand and it has no affect on their day to day life. "So what top University did your wife go to?" Well there is no such thing according to you as you look down on all Thai universities.
  3. There are 65 million or more Thais living in Thailand on a day to day basis, do you think they care about what a few thousand corporations in other countries think about them? What you think of them has no affect on them, what Thais think and act on in Thailand has an affect on them. These are not my making, I am merely reporting on what happens in Thailand.
  4. I do realise that, but I wouldn't want to live in any of those areas either, people who live there don't have a choice, that is why they are there, why do foreigners choose to live there? Oh yes, they are broke too I can imagine and can not afford to live in the better advanced areas of Thailand.
  5. We all make typos, I have seen some of yours over the months but do not bother to point them out as it is too petty.
  6. "If you went to Oxford and ended up living in the third world, something went horrible wrong somewhere?" I live in England, is that a third world country? I do have a house in Phuket which I visit for six months at a time as I managed to retire at an early age. "I would think an Oxford grad could spell education correctly." I would have thought that anyone can make a typing mistake and not realise it at the time, don't you? Do you think that rice you eat comes from Oxford graduates working the fields? Only a crazy person would think that and only a crazy person would ask that question. "People in Isaan are not sitting around with their hands out, there are doing manual labor everyday to survive." We are not allowed to write in foreign languages on this site, only English is allowed and so please stick to the rules, change 'labor' to 'labour'. And seeing as you are being petty, change 'there are' to 'they are' in you sentence above. "You have no idea of the real Thailand outside of your westernized living/thinking in Thailand." You have no idea of how most Thai people are not poor and do not dig the ground as you only seem to associate with poor Thai people from Issan. "I would think someone that graduated from Oxford and his wife was a computer programmer in the UK, would have earned enough for a large country manor in the UK, not forced to living in the cheap third world Thailand?" You make assumptions base on your fantasies of the world I can see, I have visited Thailand for many decades to stay in my house in Phuket for long holidays but my main residence is in England and it is a very nice large house thanks. I have visited the whole of Thailand more or less, many times, driving myself mostly around the country, would I want to live in a backwater in Issan? No, as you said more or less why would i want to live in a third world area?
  7. I can image your university is very low ranked compared to mine but I don't need to mention it as you do regarding Thailands universities, maybe you never went to any university and so have a chip on your shoulder?
  8. I went to Oxford, it is one of the top five universities in the world, I do not look down on other universities as you are doing. Even if Thailand's eduction system is lower than yours or mine, it is still better to get and education in Thailand to obtain a better job than not get one. My points have been about Thais who strive to get on in life and those who sit around waiting for a hand out.
  9. "The post in question were talking about the way out villages" The tell them to get off their ar-ses and move. "You are comparing yourself, born in the UK, to a person born into poverty in a far reaching village?" I did say, "it is the same in Thailand , not all Thais were or are born rich, they push themselves and their main objective is to get an education and thus change their lives for themselves not wait for someone to give them a free ride, Thailand is full of stories of wealthy successful business people who came from nothing." There is a simple solutions though, if all the bleeding heart liberal in the West feels so bad about it they could put together a fund and get these people out of their poverty, the problem is they might just use the money to have more kids.
  10. Because he went to study in a country who's citizens can not speak real English as well.
  11. "Marc's comments are all true. A Thai education is worthless outside Thailand." Not true, my wife's degree from the top university in BKK got her a job as a programmer in the UK many years ago. "People born into poverty, in villages where there are NO jobs and no opportunities, remain poor their entire life." True, not unless they get off their ar-ses and do something about it like many other Thais do. What is common though in Issan is to send a good looking daughter to Pattaya for example and see if they can catch a simple minded farang to subsidise their income by marriage.
  12. "How many uneducated Thais are divorce" you ask, the same question applies to the uneducated Thais as well, as does the mia noi comment. Most of it is not my opinion, it is the opinion of the thousand of Thais I have met over 40 years. These things are happening in Thailand, it is more balanced between rich and poor (we don't have any real poor) in the UK. I am just stating the reality of Thailand.
  13. The old bleeding Liberals are out in force again today I can see. Not all of us were born rich, many of us were born poor but we worked crappy jobs and went to night school at the same time, then onto high school, university, while washing dishes etc to pay our way, then good jobs, married, had kids who were then educated and thus create a wealthy, educated family who would do the same for the next generation. It is the same in Thailand , not all Thais were or are born rich, they push themselves and their main objective is to get an education and thus change their lives for themselves not wait for someone to give them a free ride, Thailand is full of stories of wealthy successful business people who came from nothing. But I hear it all the time from girls mostly from Issan when they are talking to farangs nearby, I no money, my father dead last week (he has died 20 times already), you give me money, and many farangs fall for it.
  14. "If you never went to school because you were working the fields to eat, doesn't mean you are a stupid person." It does mean you are uneducated though. "Means you never had a chance, which most in Isaan have no one to give them that chance" Well they hang around for a farang to pay their way it seems, many Thais ask me why do farangs do that. "What do the people that move all the may to Thailand, get married to a person that has NO western education talk about? How do you discuss and explain complex situations with someone with a Thai education that you married?" I have never met a Thai educated person who is married to an uneducated person, they won't do it. I have seen may old farangs though married to very uneducated girls, 99% of them are usually from Issan as for most of them that is the only ones they can get.
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