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  1. This is the Lancia I did own. Beta coupe 2000, US edition. Handled well and really perked up with a 3/4 race cam and a 4 barrel carb.
  2. I would hesitate to tell the dealer you will be paying cash. It will most likely eliminate any chance of obtaining a discount. Most of the profit in the sale of a new vehicle comes from the financing. Make it clear you will only discuss financing once you have agreed to a price.
  3. Point well taken Mike. But as the drug is not available for general use yet, it's hard to see how it could be used to guide clinical practice. The original trial was stopped (broken) due to the strength of data obtained. Studies are reviewed multiple times while they are still ongoing to monitor for adverse outcomes. The studies will have been fully vetted prior to any approval for use outside clinical trials. At that time recommended dosing, schedule, and duration of treatment will be published.
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