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  1. Yea! But he will have to pay tax on that. I think Steve Bruce should take over at United. Is big Sam still around?
  2. If I'm not on your blocked list Mr John. In which case I'll PM the selection through. Don't usually pick teams that play in red until I'm forced to. I'll go with 'Chelsea'.
  3. Half time. Got the commentary on in the background.
  4. I think you are right there JinD. Need a dedicated thread and also only allow the Captain to edit it. We could send our selection by PM. Maybe cut off time is one hour before the first of the scheduled matches. I was in LMS in a PaddyPower comp' a few years back and got to the last 16. Very enjoyable.
  5. Where will the Geordie lady fans go? Not in the director's box.
  6. Oh no. I'm sorry. Make these LINE youngsters right. Where is there, that they can get the vaccine evidence from? Most of the evidence against vaccinations is in English. They could use Google Translate I guess.
  7. Yes let's keep with the covid disease. An illness caused by an imaginary virus - that has never been isolated - and vaccines miraculously brought in to combat it; in record time. People have genuine concerns about the jabs; including the Thai youngsters.
  8. You are simply following the standard line. The evidence is out there. Pick any disease for which there is a vax and let's debate.
  9. I wonder where I fit in! The problem for me is not of vaccination alone. it's the complete suppression of debate on MSM and within governments. If there were to be genuine debates on covid and the proposed 'cures', I don't think many would opt for an injection. There is no evidence that covid vaxxs work at all. But there is plenty of evidence that shows they are doing harm. And that's not just a sore arm but all sorts; including death. That said, I am not covid vaccine hesitant; I am anti-vaccine; of any sort. In fact I'm anti-western medicine generally. IMO, There has never been a vaccination - ever - that stopped sickness, illness or disease. Historical evidence shows quite clearly that advocating jabs to prevent diseases, has been promoted largely by wealthy people to enable them to become wealthier, and to get the ordinary bod hooked into a medical system, where taking medication for the duration of life is often the norm. After all a person cured is a customer lost.
  10. Bordering on Essex Girl jokes now. What does a female West Ham Supporter put behind her ears on a Saturday evening after an Irons win? Or even when they lose. . . . . . . . Her feet!
  11. Good question. Not sure how many watch it in Thailand even. But back to the higher levels of UK football. Clubs like Norwich, Ipswich, Derby and Reading for example, are all clubs where a dedicated group of supporters could take control. It would be a breath of fresh air, and unite football supporters, instead of driving them apart. Imagine what it would feel like to be a part-owner of a club like Forest for example. To actually have a say, and get a voice heard. Of course this goes against the American model of ownership, which the whole of the UK seems to be gradually adopting. TBH, players living in gated communities and swanning around in their Bentleys or Farraris leave me cold. Danny Blanchflower would chat to supporters for hours on the streets at Tottenham Hale; and he was a real footy super star. I want to see players actually engage with their communities. During the present era, few are willing to speak out about injustices or wrongs, or do anything. And the first step is supporter owned clubs.
  12. A quick bit of 'Googling' reveals that Motherwell, Hearts, Exeter and Newport footy clubs are owned by their supporters. Also a club that I was associated* with many moons ago; Enfield Town (ET). They celebrated their 20 year anniversary in June of this year. Just to put things in perspective, ET's record crowd is just under the 1,000, thanks to a Spurs visit. I would also be in favour of giving 'floating' shares to employees of a 'fan owned' club. Players, the tea-lady and the mascot included. * Enfield Town broke away from parent club Enfield in 2001.
  13. You are bang on the money as usual Gummy. What disappoints me is that a club be 'owned' by some entity or other. Take Man United as an example. Back in the day the club was going to be purchased by a guy called Michael Knighton. His offer of 20+Million was accepted by chief executive Martin Edwards on behalf of United's shareholders. In the end it fell through for a couple of reasons. But! Surely someone could have put up the idea that 50,000 United fans, each paying 1000 squids, could have owned the club. The club would have been a revelation. Now fast forward to Newcastle. Can't tell me that something similar couldn't have been arranged for their devoted supporters. I personally don't like this idea that people own football clubs. Nothing to do with the owner's origins. I don't care if they come from Egypt or Thailand or England; America even. It's about time football returned to the people. But really, that time was 30 years ago. If United had done it others would have followed, and football would be all the better for it.
  14. Brucey needs to lose some weight. His waist measurement is almost as big as his bank balance. Well, for the moment!
  15. The Geordies do need to get some wins under their belt or they could easily go down. But richest club in the Championship?! Sunderland could easily get promotion this season. They have a few bob in the kitty. One things for sure. Black Cats v Geordies. Would fire up the imagination of even United fans.
  16. All of the conspiracies (quoted) are serious subjects in themselves, and deserve to be treated as such. The official explanations and reasons given by authorities are not always, shall we say, compelling. Some deserve to be ridiculed. Sometimes the best way to expose the nonsense is through humour. What I'm particularly concerned with at the present time is the ramping-up of hate towards China by the west. I think this is a deliberate attempt to get people on-side. And is that not what a lot of these so-called conspiracies are all about. Thinking particularly here on the 'weapons of mass destruction'. Anyone who that said this was nonsense, was either branded a nutter, or in the case of Dr Kelly; dead.
  17. There were aviation simulation games that day*. Very convenient for all sorts of shenanigans. They took off, and they landed somewhere. IMO, there were no people on board either of the two planes that hit the towers. * Same in London some time later 7/7 2005.
  18. Indeed! The attack on the USS Liberty was an eyeopener for me. Been skeptical of many things since then. Both the UK's MI5 and MI6, have been up to dodgy things for many years. The Skripal saga is also an interesting one. Only recently found out, that the first person on the scene in the park, was an Army Captain working for MI5. Where are they now I wonder? MSM in England not rushing to find out!? Prince Andrew case starts Monday in US.
  19. 9/11 footage that is not as widespread as it possibly should be. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/9-11-the-footage-they-didn-039-t-let-you-see-twice-9-11-2001-documentary_mL5xdcGVD3n1j5t.html The events of 9/11, 2001. Rare Video footage that was not repeated on the news.
  20. Ah yes! I don't disagree there. Conspiracy theorists do not always get it wrong. When does a conspiracy become a conspiracy theory? Or the other way around. When it is shown to be true of course. Plenty of doubters out there. A relatively recent conspiracy theory was that Trump won the last election. Half of the US believe that. And that gold thing; Fort Knox. POTUS Reagan did an audit, and come to the conclusion that all the gold belonged to the FED. I'm sure the Americans said "that's OK then." Penny hasn't dropped yet! Reasons how the US's Bush persuaded the UK to invade Iraq so easily. Wasn't Tony Blair in Ghislaine's little blue book? Truth masquerading as conspiracies. Keeps us all guessing.
  21. Wasn't OGS in that first Ronaldo game against Bolton? Keane and Neville for sure played. Giggs? Cantona? Beckham? Can't remember. Have to look it up. Good luck Ronaldo. How's that winking eye?
  22. This one has me. LOL = Lots of Love or LOL = Laugh out loud.
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