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  1. All of the conspiracies (quoted) are serious subjects in themselves, and deserve to be treated as such. The official explanations and reasons given by authorities are not always, shall we say, compelling. Some deserve to be ridiculed. Sometimes the best way to expose the nonsense is through humour. What I'm particularly concerned with at the present time is the ramping-up of hate towards China by the west. I think this is a deliberate attempt to get people on-side. And is that not what a lot of these so-called conspiracies are all about. Thinking particularly here on the 'weapons of mass destruction'. Anyone who that said this was nonsense, was either branded a nutter, or in the case of Dr Kelly; dead.
  2. There were aviation simulation games that day*. Very convenient for all sorts of shenanigans. They took off, and they landed somewhere. IMO, there were no people on board either of the two planes that hit the towers. * Same in London some time later 7/7 2005.
  3. Indeed! The attack on the USS Liberty was an eyeopener for me. Been skeptical of many things since then. Both the UK's MI5 and MI6, have been up to dodgy things for many years. The Skripal saga is also an interesting one. Only recently found out, that the first person on the scene in the park, was an Army Captain working for MI5. Where are they now I wonder? MSM in England not rushing to find out!? Prince Andrew case starts Monday in US.
  4. 9/11 footage that is not as widespread as it possibly should be. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/9-11-the-footage-they-didn-039-t-let-you-see-twice-9-11-2001-documentary_mL5xdcGVD3n1j5t.html The events of 9/11, 2001. Rare Video footage that was not repeated on the news.
  5. Ah yes! I don't disagree there. Conspiracy theorists do not always get it wrong. When does a conspiracy become a conspiracy theory? Or the other way around. When it is shown to be true of course. Plenty of doubters out there. A relatively recent conspiracy theory was that Trump won the last election. Half of the US believe that. And that gold thing; Fort Knox. POTUS Reagan did an audit, and come to the conclusion that all the gold belonged to the FED. I'm sure the Americans said "that's OK then." Penny hasn't dropped yet! Reasons how the US's Bush persuaded the UK to invade Iraq so easily. Wasn't Tony Blair in Ghislaine's little blue book? Truth masquerading as conspiracies. Keeps us all guessing.
  6. Wasn't OGS in that first Ronaldo game against Bolton? Keane and Neville for sure played. Giggs? Cantona? Beckham? Can't remember. Have to look it up. Good luck Ronaldo. How's that winking eye?
  7. This one has me. LOL = Lots of Love or LOL = Laugh out loud.
  8. True about the atom bombs. But the technology and science that enabled their development and dropping has not suddenly become lost. Science tends to be built upon science. Constantly updated. The reason given that we (humans) have never been back is because: ",, the technology then has gone forever, and although we have new technology it is different from the old technology." The next big challenge - according to Ali G - is to land on the sun. "It's far too hot Ali." "We could go in the winter when it's cold."
  9. I'm half way into listening to Tony Gosling's weekly radio show. Just now I was listening to a guy who actually watched contractors going into the building and drilling. Also, another guy that had two days off after the building, just a few days before, was powered down, and all closed circuit and internet services were closed down. The relevance was that for two days, contractors could drill, and do other things without being caught on CCTV. http://www.radio4all.net/files/tony@cultureshop.org.uk/2149-1-Politics_Show_10_Sept_2021.mp3 This is a four hour show. If anyone wants to break it down then: https://politicsthisweek.wordpress.com/ Same show but broken into speaker sectors.
  10. Yes! That is she. I think. Memory is not what it was. One pretty lady is much the same as another pretty lady. Some people used to turn to her page, before reading the news. Often seen topless.
  11. Can't give proof. But can show evidence. Plenty out there. And anyway. With all the technology we have, you'd be thinking by now we would be having week end breaks to the place; instead of Blackpool or Brighton (covid passport permitting).
  12. Some of the MSM in the UK, have a 'jesty' aspect to them. I wouldn't be surprised if the date was the 1st of April. One thing's for sure. Miss Messenger wasn't in the plane.
  13. Ha yes! Convincing as that all is, it doesn't change my mind on the moon landings. I'm not saying that that the moon is made of cheese, or that it's hollow and filled with helium. I'd like to see evidence on those. But that man has walked on the moon. Not in my opinion. There is footage of bubbles coming off the suits. That suggests that it was all shot underwater. And as for Elvis living on the moon; just nonsense.
  14. It's a long time ago now. But I can recall certain things. Just before 9/11, 140 Israelis were arrested, questioned and let go, to return to Israel. They went on TV, back home, and said they were just 'art students'. Also there were supposed to be war games on the day. Convenient that; for the hijackers to fly across the skies unchallenged. Again; being English I was particularly interested that the BBC stated, live, that building seven had fell, while it could clearly be seen standing. Who told them? It did get pulled 13 minutes later. Never heard an explanation from the BBC on that one. Nasty as it all was; it enabled the spending on the US Military to be doubled, over the next few years, and gave birth to new interior security agencies. More layers of surveillance and control. After 20 years there are still groups trying to ascertain the truth; Structural Engineers, Fire-fighter groups and Pro-Americans. The authorities show no inclination to entertain these. The truth, just like JFK, will just lay on the shelf, gathering dust.
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