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  1. You're looking at it through western eyes. "Appetizers" are more along the lines of "small plates" You've gotta go full-on Zen: "The food arrives in the order it's supposed to", and just roll with it. If you want "appetizers" first, just order them and nothing else until they get there.
  2. Another thing I've noticed in group restaurant dining is that there are at least two or three rounds of ordering. So if you didn't get what you wanted the first time you can order it down the line.
  3. Anybody have any suggestions for getting a late-model but out-of-warranty Lenovo Yoga's keyboard replaced in Bangkok?
  4. It's so much worse than that. They follow you around the web and monitor your activities on other sites (with or without the dreaded "Login with Facebook" feature). I was an early adopter of FB but deleted my account and my data several years ago.
  5. Yeah, I agree with you. Everyplace I've traveled or lived there have always been foreigners there who "disagree" with the way things are. This can range from simple social things (my favorite being ketchup in The Bahamas) to the complicated entry and insurance requirements of Thailand. Regardless of what those issues are, some foreigners are always vociferous in their opposition usually to the point of not letting it go. In my opinion, the opposition comes from not understanding the locals' worldview. They always b!tch and moan about the "what", and never stop to consider the "why". Sure, some of the things we see in Thailand are very puzzling, to say the least, but probably no less puzzling than, say, the rules regarding foreigners in Meiji Japan. And, while we can always see a better way of doing things, the reality on the ground is not that Thailand isn't looking to see what might be the best way to do things, it's that they can't because "our" obvious solutions are not within their worldview.
  6. Ha, ha, ha... You used "rights and duties" talking about people. People (as a mass) want easy and cheap. Just look at all the whining about the old requirements. Maybe just dump the whole insurance requirement and bring back debtor's prison. If you try to skip out on a medical bill, you get locked into the new terminal at Suvarnabhumi until you pay up. The inmates will be allowed high-speed internet access; but only to GoFundMe.
  7. Assuming the new rules will be published by then. Phuket didn't get the rules implemented at embassies until the very end of June.
  8. But not "on arrival". Many places require pre-travel tests but Thailand requires that plus a test (and more) on arrival.
  9. As with all things travel related, wait until the final-final plan is published, then wait until the rules are implemented, then wait another week or two until everybody figures out how to actually make it work.
  10. They could be planning an Alphabet type reorg to isolate liability to individual business units.
  11. They tried "New Coke" back in the 80s and it almost killed them.
  12. That will not be possible under the planned rules. You will definitely have to stay at least one day in BKK for your test to finish. After that it is unclear how long you have to remain in BKK - I've seen references that indicate up to seven days. I'm not 100% sure but I think the only way into Krabi right now is via Phuket (as @Alavan said). Check details on https://www.tatnews.org/2021/10/krabi-even-more-amazing-ko-phi-phi-and-ko-ngai-and-railay-beach/
  13. How to tell if it's a day you shouldn't buy a lottery ticket: "Why yes, Khun Somchai, you are the last person in Thailand to be vaccinated with Sinovac."
  14. Unless you use an out-of-region ATM, then it's something like 50 baht. I never understood the logic of debit cards for purchases (other than if you're the bank). There's basically no security, no protection, and no limit to the damage if somebody gets your card data. I'm always running scams on credit card companies so I get two or three new cards a year and none of them is active for more than a year. The numbers on my cards with online vendors who have my CC on file change frequently and the CC company has fraud protection to protect me from unauthorized use. With a debit card the bank would be: "Oh, that's too bad. Can we interest you in a loan until you get your finances back in order?"
  15. The big demand for GPU chips is in real-time AI, like self-driving cars. Tesla was using NVIDIA for a while but came up with a dual-processor board using a proprietary architecture and their own chips. I think Waymo, et al. are still using NVIDIA. Basically every car on the road that has any kind of driver-assist functionality is using a GPU as a dedicated processor. Just because Apple's SOAC architecture is great for a laptop doesn't mean the others are only looking at PC business.
  16. ... when the winners of tourism awards got their top marks for cleanliness... "The incorporation of the Amazing Thailand SHA standard criteria demonstrates Thailand’s commitment to the health, safety, and hygiene protocols". https://www.tatnews.org/2021/10/thailand-tourism-awards-2021-honours-185-thai-tourism-enterprises/
  17. But I'm betting the concessionaires (good band name, that) are not hoping to operate at a loss.
  18. This "Blue Zone" narrative has been around for a while. It's basically the borders of the Sandbox when you don't have the benefit of jellyfish infested waters surrounding an island to keep the tourists confined. I wonder if they're going to have a mechanism to hop Blue Zones? Arrive in BKK, test negative and then off to CM? No problem, though. They have week and week to figure out how it's all going to work.
  19. But the BTS is a private company... The MRT is a private company... The song thaews are private... Not sure about the buses, but probably not...
  20. True fact. It's happened to me twice. I thought about it... but figured the damage to my credit score (and the subsequent interactions with the authorities) wouldn't be worth the few thousand dollars.
  21. Oh, so that will be helpful. "Should" is always so reassuring when you're looking to drop a few grand on vacation. I'm sticking with my analysis that they really don't want a lot of tourists and, while making things "easier" looks like they're trying, they're not really trying hard enough to meet the goals set by TAT. There's no way that is accidental. So they crater the high-season to keep the numbers modest and the workers back in their villages as they continue to vaccinate people and work at rebuilding the rest of the economy.
  22. So, are the new Macbooks what you expected? The market liked the news a bit.
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